Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Computer is WORKIG!!

So much has happened since I was able to write in my journal. Mack has made several trips to Accra this month. (DECEMBER) Our yearly renewal to stay in Ghana is all finished, we have the stamp and everything. PTL. Joseph broke his glasses so they both headed to Accra to get him a new pair. Then he headed back to buy some Christmas gifts. Then he had to return some Christmas gifts. JOY!

Our computer is up and running. On one of those trips to Accra he picked up an Internet security for the computer. I think we had a couple of virus.

Priscilla and Nellie came to the house before Christmas to help me bake some Christmas cookies and banana bread for the Church Christmas Party. I got them a little bracelet as a gift. Lamissy wanted to come but at the last minute her Uncle needed her at the house. Prince and Koasi came over and helped put together the Blessing baskets to hand out during our Christmas Caroling with the church. We had a great time Christmas Caroling. We have never done that before in Ghana. Not sure how it would work? I needed a scarf and gloves or something. We had candles so I guess that made it feel festive. We gave the baskets to four families with someone in that family who already comes to church, to encourage others from the family to attend church. We wanted to be a blessing and show the Love of Christ this Christmas season. Our last visit was to Lamissy's uncle. Lamissy is so excited for the Lord, but her uncle hinders her. He allows her to come Sunday morning but that is all, she would love to come for the other services and extra activities but is not allowed. When we showed up at her house, he was talking very rough, asking her if she knew we where coming. He came out of the house and greeted us, (he was not to happy) after we where done singing we presented our basket. He was surprised. He thanked us and Lamissy sent his thanks again on Sunday morning. We have seen her come even for the Christmas Eve service.

Mack bought some pizza cheese for Christmas. We are planning on having pizza for New Years Day! the kids are excited about that. It is a treat for us. We hope you all have a Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The end of the year is here

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving . I know we did. We had plenty of food and even had a turkey this year and it was good. Thanks to another family bringing it from Kumasi. We enjoyed the fellowship of our other missionaries friends and we certainly are thankful for God's blessings.

On Wednesday morning as we were scouring about to get the house cleaned up for our company to arrive. Matthew was running through the living room, tripped and knocked his head on the coffee table. He split his head open on the side near his eye. He ended up with 3 stitches. He is doing fine.

Did some Christmas shopping already. Not much to buy. It is our big good will store. I manage to find 2 pairs of NEW jeans for Mack, I just have to have them hemmed? Trying to find something for the boys is a challenge. Naomi there is always purses, shoes, girly stuff to buy. We are having a wooden checker board made for the boys. The kid are getting excited. Me, it is to hot to get excited. Way to hot, to be in the Christmas spirit. Remember Jesus is the reason for the Season.

We are having trouble with our computer. It has been working here and there. So if you don't hear from us that is the reason. Please keep praying for the property here in Ghana? They are negotiating on a price. The land is valued at a high price, but God can work and they can give us a reasonable price. AMEN! The building that is currently on the property has to be torn down. It looks like it could fall over any time. If this is not the place, pray that God directs us to another place. Bible School finishes up next week with exams and will have a break until the New Year!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Answering Prayer

I taught in Sunday school about the parable of Answered prayer. The man who continuously knocked at his neighbors door for 3 loaves of bread. He knocked until he got what he requested. So that morning I proved God and he answered my prayer. Our land lord to the place we meet for church, just said he have to pay extra or get out. Even though we signed a 2 year contract and have only fulfilled one year. So we are praying that God opens doors as only he can. The Bible says to pray continuously. God will meet your needs.

Tuesday we have a ladies activity. We went to Olivia's Kitchen to eat and then we came to our house to watch a movie. I made some banana bread and Nellie made us some toffee from the sweetened condensed milk. We had a good time of fellowship and before they left we had a devotion about being a friend. Jesus is the best friend that we have. Have you told your friend about your best friend?

Monday, November 9, 2009

6 Years in Ghana

On November 12, 2003 we boarded the airplane that brought us to Ghana. We have been serving God in Ghana for the past 6 years. We first took a trip to Ghana in 1999. The Lord has been good to us and blesses us as we continue to serve Him. Our first Thanksgiving we had in Ghana we were all alone, we prayed for our meal and cried. We were so thankful but we missed our family and knew everyone was all together on this special day. On Christmas we had a water fight it was fun, but in Ghana you don't waste water.

As I think about the past 6 years there has been some interesting events:
The time I was making breakfast and the watermelon was making a hissing noise. I thought I will take care of that watermelon just as soon as I get the kids fed. Well that thought no longer left my mind when all of the sudden the watermelon exploded!!! Matthew and I was standing there covered in watermelon and we were so surprised we just looked at each other and started laughing. Then the same week. I was making meatloaf. I set the cooked meatloaf on top of the oven. I turned to go to the sink and the glass baking dish EXPLODED into a billion tiny pieces. One landed on my toe and burnt it. I had never seen anything like that. Needless to say dinner was ruined. We had chicken and potatoes for the first 6 months we lived here. Matthew is not fond of chicken to this day. The kids would take their baths in big plastic tubs. If it was raining the kids would all run outside and grab the soap and take a shower in their bathing suits. We lived out of our suitcases for the first 9 months in Ghana. Not FUN! We only had what we brought in our suitcase. Once we moved to Takoradi we were able to dig a well and now we have free water! AMEN! The time Macks car rolled down into the garbage dump. DOWN in the garbage dump. They had to get a big truck with a crane to pull it back up the mountain of trash. The time our dog got electrocuted, she was frying, she is still alive today. Ghana's bumpy roads they will literally shake your car apart. This summer we took a trip up North to the game reserve. No bathrooms, no fast food, bumpy roads, getting lost, taxi breaking down in the middle of no where. It was not a fun trip. Traveling around Ghana is not something we look forward to.
As I look back over the years. I see God's hand in everything. Somethings I am not sure why they happened but I can still see God, maybe to make us laugh, maybe to be thankful for the little things. As we have been in Ghana we have had poisonous snakes and scorpions in our yard, we are around disease and sickness, poor hygiene and raw sewage. God has kept our family safe and healthy and that is worth more than all the money in the world. You can't buy good health. Only by God's grace. We miss our family. We have family member we haven't met. (newborns) Sometimes it doesn't seem worth the sacrifice and you want to quit. Then I get the focus off of me and back were is should be on God and I see it is worth it all. In Eternity if they have Christ as their Saviour we will have all Eternity to be together. I praise God that I have something to look forward to, Heaven, and I will be bringing some Ghanaians along with me.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Glad When My Children Listen to Me

We were waiting for the children to arrive for Sunday school. The kids meet under a tent across from were the church meets. There are some little kiaz (sheds) were people set up a store or a hair dresser or a shoe mender. Well I noticed some men working on cement and they were signing back and forth to each other. I thought to myself, I wish I new sign language. I know very little and we have tried to teach ourselves, but with no one to practice on it doesn't help. As we were waiting a girl was motioning to Nehemiah to come. I noticed she was deaf. I told Naomi to go and sign to her, the little that she knew. Naomi didn't want to go. I finally convinced her and together we went and talked/signed to her. I was amazed at how much you could understand what she was saying. She could speak some words, so she must of had some hearing when she was younger. We also got a pen and paper and communicated that way. I am so glad and so is Naomi that she listened to her mother. I hope she sets up her store soon, and maybe Naomi can even meet with her weekly for some lessons. I would love that.

I made some candy this week. Here in Ghana they make a candy or toffee made from coconut, sugar, lime juice. It is so good. I just discovered it about a few weeks ago. I think I tried it before and thought it was gross. A girl walked past the church with some every week so I would buy some and then give it to the kids for answering questions etc. Last week she didn't come. I had asked some of the girls at church how to make it. There is also another one made from sweetened condensed milk. This is the one I made. Just add the milk and a little butter and whola you have some toffee. You have to cook it until it changes to a brown color and it will become thick. The longer you cook it the harder it becomes. Just don't burn it. You roll it out and cut it into 1" pieces or so. YUM!! Mack even enjoyed it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Busy Revival Week

We started out our Revival on Sunday. Bro. Widener and his family was coming from Cape Coast to preach for Sunday evening. Their van broke down about 30min. from the house. You can't call Triple AAA or someone to come help. Especially on Sunday. Mack called two of his mechanics and neither one could come help. P.T.L the van started and the made it to the church. Our electric was out all day on Sunday, it was so hot and no fans, and what did I cook for lunch?? Soup of all things. Who wanted hot soup on a hot day, I guess I was thinking we would turn on the air and it wouldn't be so bad.

Monday Pastor Davis preached. I enjoyed his message very much. Tuesday and Wednesday we had Pastor Dogar a national come speak. He knew Bro. Bob Hayes, Bro. Hayes taught him in Bible School in the early 60's. We enjoyed having him in our home. We had the Prince and Koasi (Bible School Students) join us for lunch on Wednesday. We had a great week of Revival.

Thursday I spend the day in bed. I was so sick. It started out Wednesday night. I stayed in my room so if I was contagious I didn't want anyone else to get it. It was that bad. Feeling okay now. The busy week is over and looking forward to Sunday.

Friday, October 16, 2009


It was an exciting day at our house. Mack came home with 2 boxes from the Post Office. The kids were excited to see what we got. Grandma and Grandpa S. sent us some boxes, 5 to be exact. The first two arrived and we got some goodies for Thanksgiving and some clothes for the children. Which the kids didn't get to see. We are saving them for Christmas. Mack went and picked up the 3 other boxes form the Post Office the next day. Mack ate a bag of m&m's his mom had sent. He said he was going into a sugar coma, he hasn't eaten those in a couple of years. We did receive another box from our missions secretary with Bibles in them. My mom stuffed some shirts and kool-aid in on the side for me. It is nice to have a taste of home every so often.

Our revival at church starts Sunday. We are excited to have Pastor Dogor coming to join us. He was a Bible student of the late Missionary Bob Hayes back in the early days of his ministry. Looking forward to meeting and hearing from him. I have some batteries for my camera so I will get some pictures of the up coming events.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Why not?

I have been reading many blogs about people, ministries and family. Which made me think why not start one of my own. We have our newsletter blog but I thought, why not start a journal. So you have it, Jackie's Journal. This will include everyday life here in Ghana. It may be about the family, ministry or whatever is on my mind...hmmm
Hope you enjoy reading.

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