Thursday, November 19, 2009

Answering Prayer

I taught in Sunday school about the parable of Answered prayer. The man who continuously knocked at his neighbors door for 3 loaves of bread. He knocked until he got what he requested. So that morning I proved God and he answered my prayer. Our land lord to the place we meet for church, just said he have to pay extra or get out. Even though we signed a 2 year contract and have only fulfilled one year. So we are praying that God opens doors as only he can. The Bible says to pray continuously. God will meet your needs.

Tuesday we have a ladies activity. We went to Olivia's Kitchen to eat and then we came to our house to watch a movie. I made some banana bread and Nellie made us some toffee from the sweetened condensed milk. We had a good time of fellowship and before they left we had a devotion about being a friend. Jesus is the best friend that we have. Have you told your friend about your best friend?

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