Friday, November 4, 2016

The Captain's Crew

A floating book store? Logos Hope came into the Sekondi Navy Port, in October. Our church is just around the corner from the Navy base. As a family we took the day off of school to head to the ship. It was something we were looking forward to, once we heard the ship was coming to Sekondi. We where busy looking around at all the books, when a lady approached Naomi and I. She introduced herself, and asked if we would like a tour of the ship. "Sure," I gathered the rest of the family. Then she asked, "Would you like some lunch?" This was totally unexpected and a special treat for us. We were invited to come back the next week for lunch and to see a play that the some of the crew members put on. 

We invited her to church that Sunday and she came with a few others from the ship. There was a line of hundreds maybe thousands of people waiting to get a look at the book store. We where able to invite many to church. Many people knew's not hard when you are the only white people. Faithfulness is the key. Living as an example before them in everyday life. It was a special time that we will carry with us for awhile. 

Inside the Captain's bridge

Captain Mack and his crew

Before the play began

Our Revival at our church was October 23-26. The Topic was on "Building" we looked at what Noah built. We had good attendance all week. 

Prince and Linda singing for our Revival 

Some pictures of Saturday visitation in Kojokrom.

They are expanding the main road in front of our house. It will be a 4 lane road.
We even have street signs. We are getting up with the times. 

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