Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Life

Who turned up the heat? It's rather the humidity, the humidity is at 89%. I sweat just washing the dishes. AAAHH, but it looks like rain. 

Tuesday was our distribution of John and Romans in Kojokrom. On Saturday we went to visit Evelyn who had a baby girl on Tuesday of last week. 

April is a busy month with our churches Anniversary on the 13th and Easter. Easter Monday is a big day hear in Ghana. We have an activities planned for those days. 

Update: On the four teenage boys (Theophilus, Theotilmus, Michael and Jeff (Jefferson). Last night, prince taught on Romans chapter 10. Jefferson (Michaels' brother) accepted Christ after the service. Continue praying for these boys. I have to admit, I didn't think the boys would come back, or they would be hit and miss, but for some reason they seem to like us? 

Pray also for Pastor Koasi and his family,  his Grandma died in March and they are having the funeral this weekend. 

One area of Kojokrom


The two guys in yellow are students at West Ridge (Kojokrom)

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