Friday, October 16, 2009


It was an exciting day at our house. Mack came home with 2 boxes from the Post Office. The kids were excited to see what we got. Grandma and Grandpa S. sent us some boxes, 5 to be exact. The first two arrived and we got some goodies for Thanksgiving and some clothes for the children. Which the kids didn't get to see. We are saving them for Christmas. Mack went and picked up the 3 other boxes form the Post Office the next day. Mack ate a bag of m&m's his mom had sent. He said he was going into a sugar coma, he hasn't eaten those in a couple of years. We did receive another box from our missions secretary with Bibles in them. My mom stuffed some shirts and kool-aid in on the side for me. It is nice to have a taste of home every so often.

Our revival at church starts Sunday. We are excited to have Pastor Dogor coming to join us. He was a Bible student of the late Missionary Bob Hayes back in the early days of his ministry. Looking forward to meeting and hearing from him. I have some batteries for my camera so I will get some pictures of the up coming events.

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