Saturday, July 16, 2011

Settling In

We have been back in Ghana for 1 month. It was much easier this time, to get settled in and putting things in order. Well not all is in order, but... I painted 3 of the bedrooms and the bathroom. It needed a fresh coat. It looks nice and clean. The kids had some decorations for their room they wanted to put on the wall, so we got their rooms done first. We moved the guest room and are using that for the kids school room.

I have enjoyed Prince and Koasi's preaching. They are doing a great job. I started last Sunday, teaching the teen girls. Mack wanted me to do a series on The Home. Our roles in the home as wives, children etc. It was raining last week so we only had 3 girls. Some more showed up after the rain. VBS is the last week of July, I am not sure I am ready for that, ready or not here they come!

It is rainy season, so we are enjoying the cooler weather. In the 80's. I was rolling out flour tortillas, and I thought this is easy, then I remembered it's because you are not sweating. That makes it 10x worse. I have ran the washing machine non stop since we arrived, it is not spinning for the spin dry and I opened the washer and all the water dumped out, I quickly shut the door. I did get it to drain, but not spin dry. So the clothes are piling up, until the repair man comes. I hope soon. Me and Naomi did some kitchen towels by hand, because some were a little damp. They will mold real fast.

Some have asked how I am feeling. I am doing good. I started a week after we arrived the diet and cleanse. Is it working? I hope! I am feeling good! I have to continue this regimen until Sept.
Mack has been busy, with immigrations, care repairs and trying to get the land for the church. Please pray for the land situation. We are supposed to be on the property by September? It is good to be back.

P.S. We can put the guest room back together real quick, so come and visit, we would love to have you.
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