Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Glad When My Children Listen to Me

We were waiting for the children to arrive for Sunday school. The kids meet under a tent across from were the church meets. There are some little kiaz (sheds) were people set up a store or a hair dresser or a shoe mender. Well I noticed some men working on cement and they were signing back and forth to each other. I thought to myself, I wish I new sign language. I know very little and we have tried to teach ourselves, but with no one to practice on it doesn't help. As we were waiting a girl was motioning to Nehemiah to come. I noticed she was deaf. I told Naomi to go and sign to her, the little that she knew. Naomi didn't want to go. I finally convinced her and together we went and talked/signed to her. I was amazed at how much you could understand what she was saying. She could speak some words, so she must of had some hearing when she was younger. We also got a pen and paper and communicated that way. I am so glad and so is Naomi that she listened to her mother. I hope she sets up her store soon, and maybe Naomi can even meet with her weekly for some lessons. I would love that.

I made some candy this week. Here in Ghana they make a candy or toffee made from coconut, sugar, lime juice. It is so good. I just discovered it about a few weeks ago. I think I tried it before and thought it was gross. A girl walked past the church with some every week so I would buy some and then give it to the kids for answering questions etc. Last week she didn't come. I had asked some of the girls at church how to make it. There is also another one made from sweetened condensed milk. This is the one I made. Just add the milk and a little butter and whola you have some toffee. You have to cook it until it changes to a brown color and it will become thick. The longer you cook it the harder it becomes. Just don't burn it. You roll it out and cut it into 1" pieces or so. YUM!! Mack even enjoyed it.

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