Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Class of 2018

It's been a whirlwind of activities since we have arrived home on furlough. We have gotten settled in and trying to get into a routine. It is hard because it is summer time. We started out at our home church, they had their Missions Conference at the end of April. Our prayer cards need updated and so many details that need updated. It's coming.

We were in two of our supporting churches before we headed down to Florida for our son Matthew's graduation. He graduated from the Abeka Academy Homeschool. They had close to 500 students walk to receive their diploma. We spent a week there in Pensacola, spending time with our daughter, Naomi (who we haven't seen for a year) and Matthew before they both work on campus at PCC for the summer. We had a busy and fun week together. We got Matthew moved into the dorm before we left them both. We were in a church in TN on the way back to Ohio. This Sunday we were at another one of our supporting churches  and next week we will be in a Missions Conference. Thank You for praying for us as we got settled back into cold Ohio, and for our many travels, with many more to come. Have a great summer. Enjoy the pictures from our trip to Florida. 

Graduation Party

Grandpa & Grandma Siekbert 


Got a Frosty after church

Blue Wahoo Baseball Game

Going to see some Dolphins

Naval Aviation Museum

Pray for Naomi and Matthew

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