Tuesday, December 9, 2014

We Are The Reason

Check out post by Lou Ann Keiser. In The Way  This one is good to Soda Cracker Cookies great for on the filed, the whole site is an encouragement.

We have enjoyed being home for the week. We set up our Christmas tree and staying warm inside. We have meetings every Sunday this month, but they are close to home. Hurray!!! The kids exams are right before Christmas, so that helps being in one place. They are also enjoying our church's youth group on Wednesday. We go Christmas Caroling this Wednesday with our church, it will be fun.

Matthew and Naomi have a recital on Saturday. I am so excited for what they are learning. Our nephew-in-law (great music teacher) is teaching Naomi violin and Matthew piano. He said by the time we go back to Ghana they should know 20 hymns. He works with our schedule and has even used Face-Time for a lesson because we where out of town. Thanks Josh for all your help.

We are also using this time while we are home to get our eyes checked, doctor visits etc. Sometimes you are busier being home, still thankful to be home.

We Are The Reason Please read the lyrics. I was to lazy to type it all. If you want to hear it find "Day Break Quartet" This Avalon I don't know, I was just looking for lyrics. Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Pilgrims and Indians

Loved her post so here it  is: Mrs. John

We enjoyed two Turkey dinners this year and Nehemiah turned 8 on the 28th. I will let pictures tell the story.

We welcomed you, the white man, with open arms, little knowing that ...

Four  cousins who have birthdays near each other

We had a few Pilgrims and Indians for dinner

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving...

We had our first Thanksgiving in Ghana 11 years ago and cried as we gave thanks to our Lord. I was also thinking, "What have I done?" We have so much to be thankful for.

We have had some wonderful meetings with our supporting churches in the last couple of weeks.. It is so nice when the teens reach out to our teen kids. Over the years they have made friends with some of the kids from churches and it is so nice to see them reunite and get together. We helped one of our churches prepare packets with a tract and candy in them for their community trick-or-treat. The church is not far from our home, so they kept the kids for the afternoon. Our home church had their Revival service with Matt Downs. Our kids where excited to have him in our home for a meal he is from the Bill Rice Ranch. CBBC in Ghana also held Revival services the same week. We attend a conference on children ministry the next week. We have been in a church that supports us that our niece attends, so we got to see them and enjoyed our time meeting the new pastor. We are also preparing for the future and making some college trips while home on furlough this year. We visited Commonwealth Baptist College in KY. We have others on the list later this year or next. I am ready to head home and be back to normal. Oh, wait, what is that? Scratch that, that is not going to happen.

We did get to see family this trip and go to the Creation Museum. Mack is at his parents fixing our van. Last week he changed the back brakes, this week he has to change the bearings on the front. Not fun. He started earlier this week but he is having trouble with with one side and we have to leave tomorrow. No pressure. 

Have A Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Missions A Heart Matter

What a wonderful week we had at Grace Baptist for their Missions Conference. We have come to love the people in that church because they have a relationship with us. My husbands twin brother was also a part of the conference this week, he and his family are missionaries in Uganda. The main speaker was Bro. Robbie Morrison along side him is his wife Carol. I am so glad that the wives and children are among the men in the conferences. It is a blessing to me and my children when other families attend.

Pastor & Family                                           Pulpit Echoes 

Charles (twin) Mack
Charles, Bro. Morrison, Mack

One of MANY highlights of the week was going to dear couples house the Owen's, for the afternoon of fellowship. We have stayed with them on different occasions when we visit Grace. We were not able to stay with them this time due to a recent move into a new home. We got together one afternoon after breakfast and played a game "Joke and Pegs." Similar to the game Sorry. Of course we were learning so we didn't get mean. ha ha Mrs. Owen has bought Pittsburgh Pirates and Steelers shirts for my kids when visiting. She knows we are from Ohio a little rivalry I guess.  It also happened to be the week the Browns played the Steelers and by the way "GO BROWNS!!!" My boys put on their t-shirts and Joseph was loosing a game we where playing called "Greed." He goes and changes his shirt back to his "Nerd shirt" as Mrs. Owen called it...ha ha, but he began to score some points. He said, "See, it is the shirt, the Pittsburgh Pirates shirt, that's why I am loosing." We all had a good laugh. My kids love going their because she feeds us good old junk food. They don't eat it, but they enjoy feeding it to us. Such dear people we love. One afternoon was not long enough to spend with them.We just had a wonderful week, so thankful for those who prepared the food, we had some sweet fellowship, the preaching and special music was great too. The people of Grace have a giving heart.

 Diane, Jackie                                                 Jack, Mack

Pittsburgh shirts-Naomi got a jacket

Friday, October 3, 2014

While Passing Through

We have had a great start reporting back to our churches. We where in two Missions Conference back to back. What a great time of fellowship and seeing everyone again. We had WAY to much food, with a turkey dinner and all. I am going to see how many turkey dinners we can get in before we leave. That is one thing on the field we don't get to enjoy. The stuffing is what makes the meal for me.

We where in Jackson MI,  to report back and meet the new pastor of the church. While in Jackson you MUST stop into the "Ice Cream Parlor" We ordered the big one, the 21 scoops of ice cream. They pack these scoops like great big snow balls. Oh my! It was also my birthday!!

The following week in Wolverine MI, Pastor Theaker asked us to teach chapel. Mack taught in the High School chapel at Northern Michigan Christian Academy. I taught the elementary students and I did the "Armour of God." I had brought an armour set and the devil for someone to illustrate while I taught. The kids loved that.

We headed over to NY where we where in a new church for a couple of days for the missions conference. They took us to Vidler's 5 and 10. Vidler's  What a neat store. We where so close to Niagara Falls we had to stop while passing through. What a gorgeous day to spend at the Falls. We even walked over to the Canadian side. Which, I love the horseshoe falls the best. You can get so close to the falls on that side. So pretty. That is where Mack proposed to me on my birthday 18 years ago, in a rose garden near the falls.

At the Rose Garden

I have a testimony of being at the Falls. Two of my kids had on their Camp Chippewa shirts. They have Medina underneath Camp Chippewa and sure enough even in Canada someone stopped us and said, "I noticed your shirt, we are from Canton, OH." Then we get to tell them about what we do and our Lord. We also saw a lady in an African dress. We stopped to ask her about her dress, she said she was from Cleveland, OH, and her friend from Sierra Leone got her the dress. Again we got to share with her we are missionaries and about the Lord and she said she is going on a Missions trip later this year. The funniest one was the elevator operator he was a black man and he was telling everyone in the elevator we where Christians, can't you just see they have Jesus Christ in their hearts! We enjoyed our day, and every ones legs are sore today from all the walking we did.

Nehemiah got that coons hat at Vidler's 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Busy Just Got Busier

We have had a busy summer. It is about to get busier. We attended a Pastor's School in Toledo, OH, in August for 4 days. It was not a missions conference, so my thinking was off. It was for Pastors and their families and any laymen in the church, etc. My mind is geared to missions and you definitely need the local church and its pastors. We heard some good messages and also had good sessions throughout the day.

We started school on August 12th, so we can get in a few weeks before we start getting busy with reporting back to our churches. Matthew turned 15 on August 31st. He had a friend over and I think he had a good time. Naomi took her test to get her temporary drivers license, she is excited about that. She has not officially drove on the road yet.

This Sunday is our first meeting with 2 of our churches and it is non stop from here on out. Please pray for us as we travel, home school and keep our sanity. Going to the churches is the great part. It is the traveling in between and trying to do home school on the road that is hard.

Our kids have been involved with our youth group here at our home church, they are enjoying it. On visitation they always seem to come back with an ice cream? I think I am going out with the wrong people. They have a youth rally this Saturday, we have to pick them up a little early to head to our meeting for Sunday.

I have to tell you a funny story on how we met our neighbors. Yesterday I go out to the mailbox around 9:00 AM to put some envelopes inside and grab the garbage can. I get a little ways down the driveway and I see horses loose. Our neighbors across the street both of them have horses. I hurry and turn around and yell for Mack. "Our neighbors horses are loose." "Loose?" So now I am hurrying across the street. I BANG on their door, ring the doorbell consistently!!! Mack is on the opposite side of the road to make sure the horses don't run toward the road. Well after few minutes they finally emerge from the house, at this time the horses have wondered across the street far from Mack and across several neighbors yards. I am trying to follow them, but am at quite a distance. I just didn't want them to get lost. They finally came back across the road and started to head back near their house. The other neighbor came over to help and got them all back inside the pasture. So we met our neighbor "Bob" :)

I will try to post as often as I can...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fair, Camp, Reunion

The Siekberts annual visit to Ohio State fair, there's was 51 of us who went this year.

The following week was "Camp Chippewa." Selina and I helped in the nursery for those who were working else where during camp. Naomi and Matthew were group leaders and led the kids around camp. Monday morning Mack taught the lesson. There was 15 who accepted Christ that week.


The weekend following camp was the Siekbert family reunion. With many in the ministry it is hard for everyone to get together at the same time. There was about 70 of us that got together and many in church with mom and dad that Sunday.

Geri, Jim, Sandy, Dad, Mom, Mark, Debbie,Charles, Mack
The Siekbert boys(Jim, Dad, Mark, Charles, Mack)
Our boys with Grandpa
Grandchildren/Gr Grandchildren and spouses

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