Monday, January 28, 2013

Creativity Out Of Boredom

I have realized that those who are creative, can see the big picture. They can visualize the finished product. I on the other hand cannot. I see the plain piece of cloth, you say you can make a dress out of that? I see the broken down building, you can fix it up and and it will be great? Naomi and even my husband, can look at something and see the end result. Perfect example: Naomi made these shell animals. Very creative, me, I see shells, until she shows me the finished product. Many days my kids get creative out of boredom. 

Naomi made these out of shells

Signing to the deaf lady. We know very little sign language. This lady  has a shop across from the church. In one of my
previous post I mentioned her. I have taught Nehemiah a few signs and she is signing to Nehemiah. I think she had her hearing at one time, because she can say some words and we can understand her, also her and Naomi write back and forth. Nehemiah, he didn't realize there where deaf people, until we saw her on visitation. Nehemiah didn't know what to think. I then explained it to him that that is why we learn the signs because there are people who can't hear or talk. He was ready the next week.
Kids on visitation

Monday, January 21, 2013

Kool-Aid Sherbet

1 C Sugar
1 Pkg. Kool-Aid (any flavor) we found the citrus ones are the best!
3 C Milk

Combine all ingredients. Pour into a shallow freezer container, cover and freeze for 1 hr. until slightly thickened. Place in a mixing bowl and beat until smooth. Return to freezer, cover and freeze until firm.

We have an ice cream bowl, so after the first freeze, we then put it into our ice cream bowl and thicken up that way, but not necessary, we have done both ways.

You can also do this with Ice Milk:

In place of the Kool-Aid, use 1 C cocoa powder. You will have to heat some milk and the cocoa powder and sugar until dissolved. Place in freezer the same way, or just put into refrigerator for chocolate milk

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Beginnings

We have been quite busy since this new year began. We have two birthday's this month, tomorrow is my handsome husbands. I won't tell you how OLD.

We have moved our evening church services back one hour. We have been going out before church on Wednesdays, inviting folks to come to church and if the opportunity arises to witness and tell them about our Lord Jesus Christ. We have also moved our Saturday soul-warning (winning) to 2:00 on Saturdays. I have to say, I was a little, okay very upset about moving Wednesday services later so we can go earlier?? I was not to happy. However much to my dismay, I have enjoyed and even look forward to going out on Wednesday. Which brings me to a story about Peter, Emmanuella and Ebeneezer. The are some kids who have been coming to church since our Revival in October, faithfully, every Sunday. This Sunday before church started they where there helping set up the tent for Jr. church. Mack was able to talk with Peter and he accepted Christ. We knew his mom had a store near the church but we didn't know where. As Naomi and me were out inviting folks to church, we ran across a few people we knew and even a teen age boy who used to come to church, we tried to encourage him to come back. It was getting late so we started to head back to the church. I told Naomi, "Let's pass this way, I want to see if we can find Peter." Well we got to talking and our focus was on getting back to the church, I forgot to look for Peter. We had passed many little stores and was almost to the stairs to go up to the main road,  then I hear, Madame Jackie, Naomi! PETER! We found Peter, well he found us. There they all  were. We got to meet his Mother and Father. I was talking with his dad and asking him questions and I asked him if Peter had told him what he did on Sunday? So I called Peter over and he told his dad that he accepted Christ. I also told his dad if it was okay with him that we would like to start baptismal classes with him. I told them what good kids they where and how much we have enjoyed them, and thanked them for allowing their children to come. I also said, but it would be nice if their mom and dad came also, he agreed, and said he would come some time?? Many Ghanians say I will come, I will come. I do believe and am praying that they will come. We need another good family in our church. Their names are Fergus George and Sarah. I also learned they have another son a little older than Peter, whose name is George Jr.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Pass the Napkin


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! We enter the new year with a birthday, Joseph turned 11, on the 3rd of January.

While eating dinner, Nehemiah asked to pass the napkin to wipe his face. At our house, we often pass one or two napkins or towels around the table. It never occurred to me that that may be strange to others. My missionary friend noticed and said, oh I am glad you all pass the napkin around at your house, we do too. We don't get paper napkins or paper plates very often. So we have cloth napkins we reuse. As me and my friend were talking, they are not always all washed at the same time. So we just share what we have available. Your talking 6 napkins every meal. I don't know about you, but I don't want to wash 18 napkins a we just share a couple at a time.

We have enjoyed a well needed Christmas break from SCHOOL!!! It is so nice to wake up and NO SCHOOL! 

Looking forward to what the Lord has for us this year! 

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