Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas, A Nap, Pizza

I hope you all had a good Christmas! We enjoyed our time with our church family. We had a Christmas party at the house on Thursday the 22nd. Prince and Priscilla cooked up some good fried chicken and we had cabbage stew and rice. It was the best I have ever had. Everyone played volleyball and the younger kids played with the bikes. I think they liked the swings the best though. It was so funny listening to them scream as they swung. You know how you get that little tickle in your stomach when going to high. Well the funny part was they were hardly swinging at all. For Sunday we passed out goodie bags to the jr. church kids. They were filled with popcorn, juice box, cookies, and some candy. I got my ss class a little bag with a pen and paper in it, for their bible. Naomi and the some of the girls sang for the morning service. I taught jr. church. It wore me out. I haven't taught in a while, but I wanted to do a Christmas story. They can have it back next week. ha ha

We came home and had lunch. We went to turn on the air conditioner in the living room, but it wasn't working. So we all decided after lunch to hibernate in our room with the air and watch movies and pig out on cookies and junk. Good plan! However, I fell asleep. It was an unusual way to spend Christmas that is for sure. Once I revived, everyone wanted me to make pizza, so off I went. It was good day, all and all.

This week we have been lazy! We have enjoyed our time off of school and just being together. Mack was busy on Monday, so on Tuesday we cooked out and played outside all day. Prince preached last night. We have the best Preachers in the world.

We are going to have a Sat. evening service and pray in the new year. Then we will have Sunday morning service as regular and no evening service, because we will have already had our evening service on Sat. A little mixed up this week.

Have a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wishing You Where Here!!

Getting ready for Christmas. However this in our hottest time of year. The Harmattan has begun. It is sand storms from the Sahara Desert. It just blows and covers EVERYTHING! You can dust and sweep and 10 min. later it looks like you haven't cleaned in months. It is really fun trying to keep things clean. So lets put up the Christmas tree!! When we take the tree down, we shake the dust out of the tree before we pack it up. JOY!! 'Tis the Season!

For Thanksgiving we went to another missionaries house. We enjoyed the fellowship. However someone sent us pictures of last Thanksgiving with our family." Wishing you were here." Last year all of the Siekbert missionaries where home at the same time. So we all enjoyed our families being together for the Holidays. For my family we had to have Thanksgiving the week before. When you don't get Turkey for 3 years, then you get it twice for the same holiday. GREAT!

We had a great service on Sunday. I had 7 in my teen girls Sunday school class. We usually have about 4 faithful ones. I would rather have a few faithful than 100 who don't really want to learn. I began teaching Priscilla the flute. I will let you know on the progress, practice, practice, practice. I am not so good about practicing either.

Nehemiah turned 5 on November 28th. He learned how to ride a two-wheel bike. He also got a big wheel for his birthday. He is to short for it though. So the big kids have been having fun on it. Poor Nehemiah. GROW! I am thankful for my kids. They are a big help. Naomi helps me a lot in the kitchen. The boys help with the outside work. We have no watchman in the day or night. So the yard has become their job. I never realized how fast it gets dirty. I can't keep up with the inside and outside. It's not just cutting the grass, it's a lot more. We have been trying to get rid of the grass growing in between our brick driveway. We have sprayed it with round up but now we have to scrape up the dead grass, we have 2 driveways and they are long, little by little. We are trying to get it cleaned up for our Church Christmas Party. We are having it at the house. We are going to play, volleyball, basketball, have food, and then watch a movie.

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Remember Jesus is the reason for the season.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Last Sunday I had the privilege to lead Evelyn to the Lord. Evelyn has been coming to church since we have been back from furlough. I believe she came while we were gone also. I started the teen girls Sunday School class and Evelyn never payed attention. I guess it was funny to hear a while lady talk? As each week progressed she started listening. The Holy Spirit led me to ask of the girls salvation experience. Evelyn didn't have one. I began to witness to her so she would understand. Cecelia sat there listening and smiling, because she knew what I was saying. Evelyn prayed the sinners prayer. I did not pray and her repeat after me, I asked her to call upon the Lord. I believe she did. I asked her to make it public during the church service. During the invitation she came forward. I was so happy to see her again this Sunday. The devil would love to stop the seed from growing. God encourages us and let's us know He is still there. He is still working in hearts and lives.

My kids have been busy in the neighborhood. Naomi is selling some of her unused toys to make a little money. I must say the kids love her. She sells them pretty cheap, but she makes a little from it. She has also made some acquaintances with people passing by. The boys play soccer in the afternoon with a couple neighborhood boys. They have invited them to church. I hope they will come, so my kids will be encouraged.

We are planning our Christmas Church party. I can't believe that. It is getting really hot here and Christmas is far from my mind.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We just finished up our Revival on "Prayer". The Lord has burdened my heart to pray more. Mack talked about Intercessory prayer, I am so glad people pray for me. Naomi sang 2 songs for the Revival. I know she didn't get her pretty voice from me. Priscilla and I have started going visiting on Tuesday mornings. We are trying to get a Bible study started for some ladies, but right now that doesn't seem to be working out, so we have just been witnessing and talking to some ladies. Trying to get some friendships started. We are trying to plan a teen girls activity for next month and then it's time to make Christmas cookies!!!

My oldest sister and her family need your prayers. She fell and crushed her bones in her legs and in her arm. She has had one surgery to put in medal plates and things into her leg. She will be having another surgery today for her arm. They will have to have a hospital bed at the house and she will be in a wheelchair for 3 months. My dad and step-mom are helping with the kids, getting them off to school, etc. Please pray for their finances with the insurance and things. They also need to have a ramp put in at the house. Being at home, I know for me would be the worse, because you see all the things that need to be done, and you can't get up to do anything. Pray that everyone at home chips in and does their part.

We have been back in Ghana 4 months now. Mack has fixed the kids swings on the swing set. They where wood and they rotted, so the kids have been playing on the swing set this week. Our female dog, we hope is going to have puppies. Naomi is excited about that. She already has names picked out. It won't be until the end of Dec. or 1st of Jan. Next month we have been in Ghana 8 years as missionaries. Trying to get ourselves ready for the holidays. The warmer weather is starting to come. It has been a dry week this week and you can feel the weather changing. As most of you are bundled up for the winter, remember to pray for us as you wish you were warm, and I will pray for you as I wish we where cooler!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Settling In

We have been back in Ghana for 1 month. It was much easier this time, to get settled in and putting things in order. Well not all is in order, but... I painted 3 of the bedrooms and the bathroom. It needed a fresh coat. It looks nice and clean. The kids had some decorations for their room they wanted to put on the wall, so we got their rooms done first. We moved the guest room and are using that for the kids school room.

I have enjoyed Prince and Koasi's preaching. They are doing a great job. I started last Sunday, teaching the teen girls. Mack wanted me to do a series on The Home. Our roles in the home as wives, children etc. It was raining last week so we only had 3 girls. Some more showed up after the rain. VBS is the last week of July, I am not sure I am ready for that, ready or not here they come!

It is rainy season, so we are enjoying the cooler weather. In the 80's. I was rolling out flour tortillas, and I thought this is easy, then I remembered it's because you are not sweating. That makes it 10x worse. I have ran the washing machine non stop since we arrived, it is not spinning for the spin dry and I opened the washer and all the water dumped out, I quickly shut the door. I did get it to drain, but not spin dry. So the clothes are piling up, until the repair man comes. I hope soon. Me and Naomi did some kitchen towels by hand, because some were a little damp. They will mold real fast.

Some have asked how I am feeling. I am doing good. I started a week after we arrived the diet and cleanse. Is it working? I hope! I am feeling good! I have to continue this regimen until Sept.
Mack has been busy, with immigrations, care repairs and trying to get the land for the church. Please pray for the land situation. We are supposed to be on the property by September? It is good to be back.

P.S. We can put the guest room back together real quick, so come and visit, we would love to have you.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Trip to Iowa

Many people have asked how the trip to Iowa was. In Iowa is a Doctor who does herbs/vitamins and healthy eating. I went to see him, because I don't want to do any shots and medication for my multiple sclerosis. He also has MS himself and works with missionaries. Well the good news is, MS is the last of my worries right now. He was more worried about my liver, colon, cholesterol, digestive system and living in Ghana for 7 years I have some parasites. I have to go on a raw food diet. Which is very hard. Please pray for me. In Ghana it will be easier, because #1 it is to hot to eat, #2 we have access to many fresh fruits and veggies (organic). It will still be hard though, I still have to cook for my family. It would be a lot easier if all I had to do was worry about myself, but that is not the case.

The kids stayed home for this trip. My husbands niece came and watched them and took them to school everyday. A big thank you to her.

My mom said to be thankful for the MS because God used the MS to help with the other health needs that I would not have dealt with or found out. In everything give thanks!! It amazes me that the doctors are so quick to diagnose and give drugs, but never get to the real problem. They never checked my sugar, my blood pressure has been on the high side. My liver and colon need help. Never once did they check or look at any of those things. I am not a health fanatic, (not yet) but the more I learn what God has made vs. man made drugs and all the chemicals I just don't understand. Yet I am thankful for the advances on medicine and the life saving techniques available to us today. Then I ask myself what did they did back in the olden days? Died? ha ha I can tell you they didn't have all the processed foods or commercialized items we have today.

It is good to be back home, but I have a lot to do. Getting ready to leave the country is no easy task.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Question?

This question was asked me recently. They also asked the kids. Where would you rather live? Ghana or Ohio? My kids all said, "Ghana". I said, "Where home is," right now home is in Africa. Our life is there, our belonging are there, our church and our friends are there. Until God moves us our home is Africa, of course there is no place like "Home". We love America and Ohio were we are from. It is great to be here,we still have the greatest country in the world. Nothing can compare to America. We love to see our family, but we don't fit it. I believe God does that so we will go back. (not that we fit in there either, we kind of stand out) God has a place for us to serve Him, and right now that is in Africa. I have always said, we have all eternity to see one another. We hope to bring along a few Ghanaians.

We will be sending in our paperwork for our visas. We are packing and packing and packing. We have been very busy with churches and school activities. I don't think I will be able to take a deep breath and rest until....? The kids finish school on June 3rd and we leave June 14. We will be headed back to our home church for the last two weeks, so we can empty out the house we are staying in. I am so thankful to have this house. It has been so nice.

Well it is official, I have a teenager. Naomi turned 13 on May 4th. She had a great weekend with a slumber party on Friday and family over for cake and ice cream. She also got her hair cut. She has been spoiled to say the least. Naomi hasn't had a birthday in America since she was 5. So this was very special to her, especially the BIG 13.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Winter (I think) Is Over

We headed to NC to return a vehicle that we are renting and missed a tornado by minutes. Had we not stopped to get something to eat we wouldn't have missed the tornado. We arrived at our destination safely. We then headed to TN for our Spring break with the family. Mack's twin brother and older brother are also leaving for the mission field in June. It was our last get together before everyone departs.

Naomi turns 13 on May 4. Tonight she is having a slumber party. (pray for me) The boys have flown the coop. I can't say that I blame them. School is finishing up and I am beginning to pack. How did we accumulate so much in just a short time, knowing we will not be here long? The last time I was running to the plane to get back to my house in Ghana. This time I am not running, slowly walking, dreading it a bit. I guess I know the overwhelming feeling of returning. Everything is dirty, out of order, setting up house again. It takes time to settle back in and remember where you are. Getting used to the customs you've been away from. Learning the price of things again. I know once I see the people from our church again, all that will pass away.

Friday, April 8, 2011

"Lord, you do know I live in Africa?"

Well it is April 8th and it is still cold outside. We even had snow flurries last week. I am definitely ready for warmer weather. I am freezing. We are leaving for Ghana, June 14th. I am dreading the packing up and moving again. At least I can look at it at a positive note, we could be taking a boat and not arrive for months, and get sea sick.

Well I have been diagnosed with having Multiple Sclerosis. I have at this point decided to go with the natural remedies vs. the shots and medicines. I have talked with some people who have it and I feel natural herbs/vitamins etc. are the best right now. They say the heat is bad for those who have MS. I reminded the Lord, "Lord, you do know I live in Africa?" The Lord doesn't make mistakes and His grace is sufficient. I am not saying it will be easy, but I know my God knows and cares for me. As of right now, I am feeling good. My numbness has gone away. I have blurred vision at times, but doing much better.

Well we have every weekend in May booked with meetings. We were supposed to start getting ready for Ghana. I think my husbands works better at the last minute. Me I would have been done packing months ago. ha ha (not really) but I would have started. Actually we have 3 trunks packed full of things to go back. That is not our clothes or anything YET! We are in trouble.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Beginning of 2011

2011 is here and it is Valentines Day. January 1st I started having some pain in my neck, then, Jan 3 , my right arm went numb, the next day my torso went numb, the day after that my right leg numb. Until the whole right side was numb. I had trouble walking and doing basic things like combing my hair. I finally went to the ER a week later and they sent me home? I finally made it to my family doctor and he scheduled me with a neurologist. I saw him and to make a long story short, they scheduled a MRI then a spinal tap. I am currently waiting for the results. They did find lesions on my spinal cord from the MRI. I am feeling good as of right now. My right hand is a little numb, just feels like it is asleep, but overall feeling good.

Many people are going through heath problems. I hate hospitals. Everyone in there is sick and hurting. I am thankful that I have a God that cares for me. I can't imagine going through things without him. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for hospitals and I am really thankful I didn't have to do all those test in Ghana. God is good. Thank God for your health.

Well on a lighter note, just 4 more months and we will be back in Ghana. The kids are looking forward to getting back and settling in. The only thing is how are we going to get everything to Ghana? Mack called and talked to Prince and Koasi. They are doing well and continuing the ministry. We are thankful for these two men God has called. I am not ready to get back yet. I am waiting for the Spring weather and one last vacation with the family, then I think I will be ready.

We are busy with meetings and missions conferences until May. Then we will be packing and the kids will be finishing up with school. We are looking at returning around June 14? Please pray for us as we get the results back from my test and as we prepare to return to Ghana in a few months.
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