Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Week 2013

On Monday, the church went Christmas Caroling to 5 different homes and gave them a "Blessing Basket." The church has been giving for the last two months for these baskets. It contained, rice, vegetable oil, soap, bread, miscellaneous items and a Bible. We had a great time together as a church and it really was a great start to our Christmas week.

One of the baskets went to our Kojokrom Bible Study Family
Steven's Family
Robert's Family
(the other two baskets went to Peter's Family and William's Family)

On Wednesday we had an evening church service. It was real nice. On Friday we loaded up the tro-tro (van) and headed to Ankobra Beach for our Christmas church gathering. We played Volleyball and soccer and had fun in the sand. 

Shadrick burying Joseph in the sand
Playing Volleyball
Celestina and Esther
Lunch Time!
We had a great time with our church family this week. There was 23 that came on Friday. We were packed in the tro-tro. On the way home we sang songs and passed banana bread around. Pray for the tro-tro driver he said he would come to church this Sunday. We have had this driver many times for our guest who come from the States and also any church outings. His name is Christian, but he is not a born again Christian.

Friday, December 20, 2013

God Is My Help

Psalms 121
1. God is my help
2. God is my keeper
3. God is my preserver
~Pastor Prince~

I had to laugh as I was lost in the Takoradi, market circle. Well I was not lost, I knew where I was but rather I had lost my husband and son. As I looked out across the mass of people shopping on the crowded streets, I felt like "Where's Waldo?" Surely it can't be hard to spot two white people in all of this. They were looking for dress shoes for my oldest son. As I stood there I thought do I go back to where they might be or continue forward to where they might be? I did what was best, prayed. I continued going forward and went to the other place where they sell shoes. Two white people, I found them. I thanked the Lord! When Prince preached this message on Sunday, I just smiled, because the Lord is my help.

My son Joesph preached on Wednesday evening. He looked so handsome and did a great job. My little Joe. He preached on  Acts 26 really the whole chapter bringing out key verses. His title was "Why We Should Share Our Salvation Testimony With Others" One thing he said was "If you have God you can do anything" Lk 1:37 and his key verse was Acts 26:22 "Having therefore obtained help of God, I continue unto this day, witnessing both to small and great, saying none other things than those which the prophets and Moses did say should come."

My 3 handsome sons: Nehemiah, Joseph and Matthew

Pastor Prince is translating in Fante at our Bible study in Kojokrom. Cecilia in the red checkered school uniform (on the right)  is from our church. We found out she goes to school with Emmanuella. She came home with Emmanuella after school to the Bible study in Kojokrom. Cecelia lives near Prince and his family she also helps Naomi in Jr. church. 

Emmanuella is the closest one to you on the left side, white dress. Prince was able to lead her to the Lord on Tuesday night at our Bible study in Kojokrom.

We have a lot going on next week. We will be giving out "Blessing Baskets" on Monday evening, Wednesday evening we will have a church service and a church outing for our "Christmas Gathering" on Friday.

We want to Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas from: Mack, Jackie, Naomi, Matthew Jr., Joseph and Nehemiah Siekbert!!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Post

Nehemiah's birthday fell on Thanksgiving Day this year. He turned 7 years old. We went to another missionary's house for Thanksgiving and had fellowship with four other families. We had a good time together. On Friday, "Black Friday," some of the ladies went shopping and then to lunch. The men had some hot dogs on the grill. It was very hot on Friday and we shopped (walked) till we dropped. We were glad to enjoy the air conditioned restaurant.

Everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to Nehemiah
The day before Thanksgiving we received two packages in the mail. One was from Grace Baptist Church in Greenville, PA. They send us a Christmas package every year with items to make Christmas cookies. I am thankful for their faithfulness to us and friendship. 

The second box was from Mack's sister, Debbie. Each year she gets the kids a Christmas ornament. They have quite the collection. One day they will be able to enjoy their ornaments on their tree (Mine will be bald). The kids look forward to this each year. They also love looking back at all the beautiful ornaments they have gotten over the years. Thank you, Aunt Debbie.

On our way home from Cape Coast (Thanksgiving) notice the goats on the roof?
Nehemiah lost a tooth on Saturday

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