Monday, August 27, 2012

Ministries in Ghana

Currently I am teaching a teen girls Sunday school class. We have 4 girls who come faithfully, but as you can see in the picture there are more that don't come on time for Sunday school. We try and do a ladies fellowship once every three months. We used to do them every month, but as our schedule gets full we have to cut something back. Ladies visitation used to be Tuesday morning. Some things have changed that, the only day open is Saturday afternoons now. We have had to delay, due to the ordination preparations and our trip to Kumasi.. Getting back on track. (I hope) ha ha ha 

I used to teach the children's Sunday School and Jr. Church. I really miss it. When we went on furlough we turned it over to the nationals. So I have not gone back to teaching. My daughter, Naomi is helping and teaching a little bit. Our son Matthew is also going to begin helping with children's church. We are in the process of starting a Bible study in a new area, so eventually we will leave the church plant we are currently at. So sad, but, we won't be to terribly far away, just a hop, skip and a jump away.


Naomi teaching S.S.

Naomi singing, and me, attempting to get a sound out of that stick with the holes in it.


Teen Class

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pringles Club to 1.50 GH Club

My kids are doing much better on their reading. They all got Pringles this last time. When Mack went to pay for our over priced Pringles, he changed his mind, and now it is down to a candy bar or a small ice cream. The kids are not to excited, they loved their chips.

We started school once again. In Ghana it makes it hard to start school, because all the kids have off the month of August. They start school the beginning of September. So all the kids want to play with our kids.

It has rained all this week. I thought we would get a little bit of a break. I get all the clothes on the line and then, it begins to sprinkle. I have left them up if it is just sprinkling because it usually stops. Our driveway is full of grass growing in between the bricks. We haven't had a chance to get to it, and if it continues to rain, their is no point. I just hope we don't have to mow it. ha ha ha.

Friday, August 17, 2012

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