Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Thanksgiving, 14 Years and 11 Years?

We had 5 missionary families over for Thanksgiving. I enjoyed myself, I think everyone else did as well. It was so good to see those we don't get to see often. We are thankful for our missionary family here in Ghana.

The ladies watching the guys play volleyball

playing volleyball

The schools here are on Christmas break until the middle of January. Also the Bible Classes we have at the church and West Ridge Public School are on break. That means I am back to teaching our girls Sunday school class. After our lesson on our last day at the Deaf School, we passed out a bag of candy and biscuits to the youngest class. The middle aged class we handed out the candy and biscuits and a New Testament. To the oldest class (Jr/High School) we gave out toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss. This also means our sign language teacher is also leaving as he was just interning for the semester.

Thank You

We have an eleven year old in our house. I remember being the stuffed turkey the year he was born. We where in the States on furlough. We had a nice Thanksgiving with family and all that good food. I was so miserable, I couldn't eat much. I just kept thinking of all this good food we don't get in Africa. The Tuesday after Thanksgiving he was born. His birthday is 11/28. November also marks 14 years in Ghana.

Naomi is in Ohio for Christmas. I want to thank all those who have helped her the last seven months. Sending her notes, gift cards, packages, financial gifts,  to picking her up and dropping her off at the airport, and staying with family. Thank you!!

Happy New Year!!!

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