Saturday, October 24, 2009

Busy Revival Week

We started out our Revival on Sunday. Bro. Widener and his family was coming from Cape Coast to preach for Sunday evening. Their van broke down about 30min. from the house. You can't call Triple AAA or someone to come help. Especially on Sunday. Mack called two of his mechanics and neither one could come help. P.T.L the van started and the made it to the church. Our electric was out all day on Sunday, it was so hot and no fans, and what did I cook for lunch?? Soup of all things. Who wanted hot soup on a hot day, I guess I was thinking we would turn on the air and it wouldn't be so bad.

Monday Pastor Davis preached. I enjoyed his message very much. Tuesday and Wednesday we had Pastor Dogar a national come speak. He knew Bro. Bob Hayes, Bro. Hayes taught him in Bible School in the early 60's. We enjoyed having him in our home. We had the Prince and Koasi (Bible School Students) join us for lunch on Wednesday. We had a great week of Revival.

Thursday I spend the day in bed. I was so sick. It started out Wednesday night. I stayed in my room so if I was contagious I didn't want anyone else to get it. It was that bad. Feeling okay now. The busy week is over and looking forward to Sunday.

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