Saturday, October 18, 2014

Missions A Heart Matter

What a wonderful week we had at Grace Baptist for their Missions Conference. We have come to love the people in that church because they have a relationship with us. My husbands twin brother was also a part of the conference this week, he and his family are missionaries in Uganda. The main speaker was Bro. Robbie Morrison along side him is his wife Carol. I am so glad that the wives and children are among the men in the conferences. It is a blessing to me and my children when other families attend.

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Charles (twin) Mack
Charles, Bro. Morrison, Mack

One of MANY highlights of the week was going to dear couples house the Owen's, for the afternoon of fellowship. We have stayed with them on different occasions when we visit Grace. We were not able to stay with them this time due to a recent move into a new home. We got together one afternoon after breakfast and played a game "Joke and Pegs." Similar to the game Sorry. Of course we were learning so we didn't get mean. ha ha Mrs. Owen has bought Pittsburgh Pirates and Steelers shirts for my kids when visiting. She knows we are from Ohio a little rivalry I guess.  It also happened to be the week the Browns played the Steelers and by the way "GO BROWNS!!!" My boys put on their t-shirts and Joseph was loosing a game we where playing called "Greed." He goes and changes his shirt back to his "Nerd shirt" as Mrs. Owen called it...ha ha, but he began to score some points. He said, "See, it is the shirt, the Pittsburgh Pirates shirt, that's why I am loosing." We all had a good laugh. My kids love going their because she feeds us good old junk food. They don't eat it, but they enjoy feeding it to us. Such dear people we love. One afternoon was not long enough to spend with them.We just had a wonderful week, so thankful for those who prepared the food, we had some sweet fellowship, the preaching and special music was great too. The people of Grace have a giving heart.

 Diane, Jackie                                                 Jack, Mack

Pittsburgh shirts-Naomi got a jacket

Friday, October 3, 2014

While Passing Through

We have had a great start reporting back to our churches. We where in two Missions Conference back to back. What a great time of fellowship and seeing everyone again. We had WAY to much food, with a turkey dinner and all. I am going to see how many turkey dinners we can get in before we leave. That is one thing on the field we don't get to enjoy. The stuffing is what makes the meal for me.

We where in Jackson MI,  to report back and meet the new pastor of the church. While in Jackson you MUST stop into the "Ice Cream Parlor" We ordered the big one, the 21 scoops of ice cream. They pack these scoops like great big snow balls. Oh my! It was also my birthday!!

The following week in Wolverine MI, Pastor Theaker asked us to teach chapel. Mack taught in the High School chapel at Northern Michigan Christian Academy. I taught the elementary students and I did the "Armour of God." I had brought an armour set and the devil for someone to illustrate while I taught. The kids loved that.

We headed over to NY where we where in a new church for a couple of days for the missions conference. They took us to Vidler's 5 and 10. Vidler's  What a neat store. We where so close to Niagara Falls we had to stop while passing through. What a gorgeous day to spend at the Falls. We even walked over to the Canadian side. Which, I love the horseshoe falls the best. You can get so close to the falls on that side. So pretty. That is where Mack proposed to me on my birthday 18 years ago, in a rose garden near the falls.

At the Rose Garden

I have a testimony of being at the Falls. Two of my kids had on their Camp Chippewa shirts. They have Medina underneath Camp Chippewa and sure enough even in Canada someone stopped us and said, "I noticed your shirt, we are from Canton, OH." Then we get to tell them about what we do and our Lord. We also saw a lady in an African dress. We stopped to ask her about her dress, she said she was from Cleveland, OH, and her friend from Sierra Leone got her the dress. Again we got to share with her we are missionaries and about the Lord and she said she is going on a Missions trip later this year. The funniest one was the elevator operator he was a black man and he was telling everyone in the elevator we where Christians, can't you just see they have Jesus Christ in their hearts! We enjoyed our day, and every ones legs are sore today from all the walking we did.

Nehemiah got that coons hat at Vidler's 

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