Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Thoughts From the Week

If you change a circumstance without changing a heart, you don't change a life. -Pastor Michael Edwards.

What a true statement. When people visit Africa one of the first things that want to do is help. "How can I be of help to these people?"  Giving money will that help? Giving medical assistance, will that help? What about food, they need to eat. All those things will help temporally, they will meet the obvious need. Unfortunately that is not the problem. They have a heart issue. Until their heart changes you can't really help them. They need a heart transplant. The only one to do surgery is Christ.

Naomi's collage 

The Arrogant Geese 
Russian Fable

     A peasant was one day driving some geese to town where he hoped to sell them. He had a long stick in his hand and drove them pretty fast. But the geese did not like to be hurried and happening to meet a traveler, they poured out their complaints against the peasant. 
     "Where can you find geese more unhappy than we? See how this peasant is hurting us this way and that and driving us just as though we were only common geese. Ignorant fellow! He never thinks that he is bound to respect us, for we are the descendants of the very geese that saved Rome so many years ago."
     "But for what are you famous yourselves?" asked the traveler.
     "Because our ancestors--"
     "Yes, I know, I have read all about it. What I want to know is, what have you yourselves done?"
     "Why, our ancestors saved Rome!"
     "Yes, yes! But what have you done?'
     "We? Nothing--"
     "Of what good are you then? Do leave your ancestors at peace! They were honored for their deeds; but you, my friends, are only fit for roasting."

I know it's not a goose, but it is good for roasting. This turkey I saw while on visitation. 

     An idle man said he could not find bread for his family. "Neither can I," said an industrious man standing near. "I have to work for all the bread I get."

Just some thoughts from the week.

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