Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Is Comfort Your King?

 No one wants God to be Lord, but everyone wants Him as Savior. You don’t want Him calling the shots to have ownership over all that we are. Sure, we want the Lord to Save us from Hell, but be on the throne in our lives? We don't want anyone telling us what to do. We are not here for ourselves, to acquire my preference, my wants, my desires. We are here for His Glory. That is what follow me means you put it all on the line, you leave all behind, you drop everything and follow. Your good name, your comfort, you lay in it all down. To take the Lord we take Him as Lord or we don’t take Him at all. Savior, comforter, friend, helper and the list goes on and on, all that comes with the Lord. Will we suffer, probably. Suffer or not suffer is Comfort your King. We can't give up our $5 coffee or surely not our every day convinces to follow Him, we just want Him there to rescue us. What about rescuing someone else? Warning them of hell, taking time to help them understand the Bible, maybe you don't understand it much either. We need to teach them. That will take dropping what you want to do to serve them, not yourself. 

The "Sun" or "Son"

For the past couple of months it has rained every day in our part of Ghana. The ground has been wet and soggy. Puddles left behind after the rains have ceased. Ghanaian’s rely on the “sun” to dry their wet, dripping clothes. The “sun” is still high in the sky, but is not fully beating down upon the land. It is covered by the rain clouds.

As I was washing my clothes, I rely on the “sun” to dry my clothes also, but because of all this rain, I have been using my clothes dryer. One day I was relying on my dryer and it did not turn on. Due to the rain, I hung my clothes all around the living room under the fan and it got me thinking of this subject. How we rely on the “sun”. Then I thought, no, we rely on the “Son” for the “sun”. 

Just like we need the “sun” to come up everyday and provide for us light and warmth and to help our clothes get dry. We also need the “Son” everyday. God provides for us, He is our light and He is our help through our day. I rely on the “Son”. Some days the “Son” is still high in the sky but is blocked by our sin or by not seeking the “Son” daily, so it seems it is covered by a cloud of gray. We need to remove the sin cloud and have access to the “Son”. 

The "sun" does shine again. 

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