Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We just finished up our Revival on "Prayer". The Lord has burdened my heart to pray more. Mack talked about Intercessory prayer, I am so glad people pray for me. Naomi sang 2 songs for the Revival. I know she didn't get her pretty voice from me. Priscilla and I have started going visiting on Tuesday mornings. We are trying to get a Bible study started for some ladies, but right now that doesn't seem to be working out, so we have just been witnessing and talking to some ladies. Trying to get some friendships started. We are trying to plan a teen girls activity for next month and then it's time to make Christmas cookies!!!

My oldest sister and her family need your prayers. She fell and crushed her bones in her legs and in her arm. She has had one surgery to put in medal plates and things into her leg. She will be having another surgery today for her arm. They will have to have a hospital bed at the house and she will be in a wheelchair for 3 months. My dad and step-mom are helping with the kids, getting them off to school, etc. Please pray for their finances with the insurance and things. They also need to have a ramp put in at the house. Being at home, I know for me would be the worse, because you see all the things that need to be done, and you can't get up to do anything. Pray that everyone at home chips in and does their part.

We have been back in Ghana 4 months now. Mack has fixed the kids swings on the swing set. They where wood and they rotted, so the kids have been playing on the swing set this week. Our female dog, we hope is going to have puppies. Naomi is excited about that. She already has names picked out. It won't be until the end of Dec. or 1st of Jan. Next month we have been in Ghana 8 years as missionaries. Trying to get ourselves ready for the holidays. The warmer weather is starting to come. It has been a dry week this week and you can feel the weather changing. As most of you are bundled up for the winter, remember to pray for us as you wish you were warm, and I will pray for you as I wish we where cooler!!

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