Monday, December 19, 2016

Does That Mean They Want More Cookies?

Cookie Time! The youth in our church wanted to thank the company who provided orange drinks to give out to the kids during VBS this year. So we made up a couple plates of cookies and delivered them on Monday. They in return gave us more drinks. Does that mean they want more cookies? So we are going to use the drinks for our Christmas gathering this Friday.

We watched a Christmas movie and had popcorn afterward

Isaac (in the blue) brings a smile to my face. He lost his dad not to long ago. He has showed up at church for the past 4 weeks early to help set up the Sunday school tent. Continue to pray for Isaac. 


Gideon helping dust the chairs

The Deaf School has been going well. I do not go, as I teach the teen girls Sunday school class at church. My husband says since the headmaster retired the atmosphere has changed for the better. They have not hired a new headmaster as of yet. The man in charge helps my husband interpret. My husband says he is really good. Also the man who helps, has children who go to West Ridge the school my husband, Prince, Koasi and Matthew teach at every Wednesday. 

We had some dresses donated to us and gave them out to the girls at the deaf school. This Sunday was their last Sunday before Christmas break. We asked if they could wear their dresses to get a picture. They usually wear all white for chapel services. We also passed out 240 bags of goodies to the students, and ran out. It's hard to get a count of the students because they don't all show up for chapel every week. 

Prince and Linda came over for dinner on Saturday. We played "Bible Trivia," then ate dinner. Afterward we played a fun game of "Pit" and had dessert. Those cows kept getting passed around, nobody wanted them. It was rather loud at our house. Thankful for Prince and Linda and their faithfulness, it helps to encourage one another. 

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

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