Friday, December 17, 2010

Jesus Is The Reason For The Season

We had a good Thanksgiving, with a lot of Turkey to eat. We had Thanksgiving with my family the week before and then headed down to have Thanksgiving with Mack's parents. Nehemiah turned 4 years old on Nov. 28.

We were able to be a part of a Missions Conference at the beginning of December. What a wonderful church. They are excited and are moving forward with the ministry this coming new year. That is always an encouragement, and we added another church family to our support.

December is here, the kids had their Christmas program at school. Today is their Christmas party. I am so glad they get to be a part of a great school this year. We have learned a lot. Just the routine of things has been good. Your supposed to drop your babies off for their first year of kindergarten, but I dropped mine off for 3rd and 6th grade. Sad to say but June will come fast and we will be back in Ghana. Speaking of Ghana, things are going well at the church. Prince and the church are supposed to call us on Christmas Eve, that should be exciting.

Well don't get caught up in all the hustle and bustle this holiday season. Enjoy the Christ of Christmas, put him first, not the gifts. After all he is the reason for the season. Enjoy the time with your families.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time Flyies

Well it is the end of October. Time has been flying. The kids started school and they love it. Matthew played soccer this year. Didn't play much, but it was good for him to be on a team and practice. Naomi really wanted to play volleyball, but I have been sick since August and I just couldn't do all that. I feel bad for her. I am doing better but not 100%. The doctor said an inner ear infection, which you do nothing, except wait. Now that I have had it for a while I think it has to do with stress? but what do I know?

The ministry here has been good. We have been to supporting churches, which the people are wonderful. We have seen some missionaries that we used to see on deputation, they are home on furlough as well. Things in Ghana are well, they just had a revival this last week. In fact a missionary is going there with a group and going to be in our church in Ghana, while we are here.

The kids put on a program at school for missions. "Around the World" our kids got a small speaking part and did a great job, they all did. Glad to have my Mom and Jessica along with Macks parents there to watch them.

We carved pumpkins and for the first time did pumpkin seeds this year. Getting ready for the Holidays and all the good food. Please keep us in your prayers. We love you and have a wonderful time enjoying people this holiday season. Even if things don't go your way.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We are back in Ohio. We have not stopped moving since we landed in Ohio. The first week I was not feeling well. I think it took me some time to adjust this time. We were nice and cold the first week home as well. We were able to spend some time with my family. My niece had her graduation party in which time I was able to see many of my family members. For 4th of July after church we had a cookout at my Dads house and my brother and his boys were up from Mississippi. Enjoyed the Chippewa Lake parade, that really made me feel like I was home. The good old, Chippewa Roofing, Bears Towing and Cloverleaf marching band, we can not forget all the candy they throw out to the kids.

Our second day back we had to take Naomi to the doctors. While in Ghana she got a bug bite, it got infected. My sister who works at a doctors office was able to help get us in and the physicians assistant saw Naomi. They were able to take care of it and get her on an antibiotic. The blessing was the physicians assistant did her intern in Zambia, Africa, she attends a Baptist church and did not charge us for the two visits. AMEN!

Shopping, shopping, shopping. The boys needed some new clothes. The ones from Ghana are either to short or just plain wore out after 3 years. It hurts the budget when you have to do it all at one time and not over the course of the year. God has blessed in providing for us. We have a great big farm house that is fully furnished. The guy who owns it, is such a blessing and couldn't be nicer.

Looking forward to the many things planned for this summer. Enjoying our time with family before our meetings and school begins.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Saying Goodbye and Hello!!

We have just 3 Sunday's left in Ghana, before we leave for Ohio! It is an emotional time as we say goodbye to those we have come to love here in Ghana. Yet we are excited because we get to say Hello to our family and friends back in the States! It has been hard to stay focused and it crazy around here. The kids got done with school last week. They are helping me (I think) to clean and pack. It is hard to know what to take and what to leave behind. We have been preparing for our return when we first got back in 2007. Training and teaching the nationals to carry on the work in our absence. We feel God has enabled us with two great preachers who have not only been trained in the Bible school, but my husband has spent years and many hours teaching these men. Our church is young and small and excited. We have preachers and teachers and leaders in the church we didn't have 3 years ago. God has blessed! It is His church, we are just a tool being used in His ministry.

We had the graduation of 5 students in the Bible School, two are from our church, Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church. We have Revival starting Sunday, May 3oth. We will be leaving Ghana on June 15th arriving in Ohio on June 16th.

We are excited to see everyone again. I have nieces and nephews I haven't met yet. Please pray for us not only as we travel but for the church here in Ghana. The church land is still a work in progress. Mack and Pastor Davis met with the lawyer (he is the one who owns it) he says it is for us, we can't back out now...he says just be patient as we are getting paper work done?? We have been working of this since November? He says by the end of June? of course we will be back in the States. It is not what we had planned but we are trusting in the Lord. As you see a lot of ???? Ghana is slow on most things they do. You can see the frustration. Our rent is up on the little room we are meeting in, in November.

God is good! and His blessing are evident! "Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart." Ps 37:4 Are you being a delight to Him?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Time is flying!

Where has the time gone? We have been very busy with church activities. We had a good Easter service at church and baptized 5 in the ocean afterward. The following Sunday our church went over our church constitution for the evening service. We fried up some spring rolls and went over the long constitution. This Sunday April 18th was our church anniversary service. We had our leaders of the church over for lunch after church. We had a wonderful time of fellowship. For the evening service we showed some pictures of them over the past 6 years. We laughed at everyone being so young. We praise God for those who have stuck and are still serving God. Tomorrow is the last day of Bible school then we have 2 from our church graduating in May. We thank God for these two preachers. They have been preaching and teaching since the new year.

We are still waiting on the building? The lawyer who owns the property can not find the paper work saying he owns the land. He has to put an article in the paper saying if any one owns this property to come with the paperwork. If no one claims the land then he can officially get the paper work done. It has to be in the paper for a month. It is frustrating to say the least. We are trying to be patient and wait on the Lord. The Lord's timing is best. So for now all we can do is wait.

Our doors inside our house were being eaten by termites and rotting. So our landlord replaced them all. They had to knock the old frames out of the cement and it was a mess. We have all but 3 doors left to put on.

I have some things washed and ready to be packed but I can't get anything done, with the workers in the way. So I have to put off packing for another week or so. I just pack up things to keep them out of the dirt. I will not pack everything up. I have washed all the kids comforters and they are ready to be put in a Rubbermaid container. The guest room shower curtains and throw rugs etc. things like that I am trying to get out of the way. Then we have to pack up all our books from the book shelf to hep keep the mold and dust off of them.

We have graduation Sunday coming up in May and then a revival is scheduled for the end of May. The kids have 21 days left of school. I will be glad when that is finished. We fly out on June 15th to the great USA!! Please be in prayer for us as we would like to sell our vehicle before leaving. We also have to pay rent for the house here in Ghana for the year we are gone. We have a lot of expenses, but know God will provide. We have already seen His provisions.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Well with Valentine's Day just Sunday, of course our topic is love. On Monday I did the Ladies Bible Study on Love. The title to our lesson is "Love is not a feeling, but a CHOICE" oh the girls were saying Madame Jackie, love is not a feeling? So I got their attention!! To be fair, love is a feeling, when you think of your parents, you love them, a certain thought or feeling that you have towards them. Your spouse, your children, your family. What does God say about Love? What about your enemies? Do you love them???? What about someone who has been unkind to you? Do you love them? God commands us to love our enemies? This is when love becomes a choice. That feeling is not there. We must choice to love, the unlovely people in this world. God loves them and died form them. We must choose to love like Christ loves.

Keep praying for the building in Sekondi for the church. We hope to have the place by our Anniversary Sunday which is in April. Pray!!

The kids are doing well with their piano lessons. They really enjoy their teacher and spending time with the other missionary children. Matthew and Joseph have been learning to play soccer. Which everyone in Ghana plays. They practice with our watchmen and Kendall a neighborhood boy. Joseph is pretty good, he plays hard and really goes for the ball, he is very competitive. I don't know where he gets that from? We will be home in the States for furlough in June. That is not very far away. There is so much to be done here, but we are excited to see God opening doors for the church here in Sekondi.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fruit of the Spirit

I have started a new Bible study with the ladies after finally finishing the Ladies of the Bible study. We are going over the fruit of the spirit. However before we even get to the fruit of the spirit we have to deal with the works of the flesh and empty ourselves and our desires and our will. Wow! The Lord spoke to my heart. Sometimes you don't realize how selfish you are until God shows you. If you read Gal. 5:19-21 these are the works of the flesh. We are just tilling up our ground getting rid of the rocks (sin) so we can plant the seed so the fruit of the spirit will grow. I have a lot of rocks and in some places my ground is hard. With God I can have the power to overcome the flesh and allow to be led by the spirit. It is a choice I must make, daily, hourly, to do right. Look at Gal. 5:22-23. These are the fruits of the spirit that can grow if we get rid of self. An old missionary said something to Amy Carmichael when she was a young missionary that stayed with her for life. She has spoken of something which was not to her liking. His reply was, 'See in it a chance to die.'

I crawled
across the barrenness
to You
with my empty cup,

but asking
any small drop
of refreshment.

If only
I had known You better
I'd have come
running with a bucket.

I am only on the third lesson, but God has spoken to my heart. The title of the book is "Be Patient - I'm Not Perfect Yet. Thank God he is patient. I remember as a little girl I had a book mark with the same title on it. I will never be perfect until I meet my Lord, however I can try to be more like Him. The choice is mine and yours.
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