Thursday, July 8, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We are back in Ohio. We have not stopped moving since we landed in Ohio. The first week I was not feeling well. I think it took me some time to adjust this time. We were nice and cold the first week home as well. We were able to spend some time with my family. My niece had her graduation party in which time I was able to see many of my family members. For 4th of July after church we had a cookout at my Dads house and my brother and his boys were up from Mississippi. Enjoyed the Chippewa Lake parade, that really made me feel like I was home. The good old, Chippewa Roofing, Bears Towing and Cloverleaf marching band, we can not forget all the candy they throw out to the kids.

Our second day back we had to take Naomi to the doctors. While in Ghana she got a bug bite, it got infected. My sister who works at a doctors office was able to help get us in and the physicians assistant saw Naomi. They were able to take care of it and get her on an antibiotic. The blessing was the physicians assistant did her intern in Zambia, Africa, she attends a Baptist church and did not charge us for the two visits. AMEN!

Shopping, shopping, shopping. The boys needed some new clothes. The ones from Ghana are either to short or just plain wore out after 3 years. It hurts the budget when you have to do it all at one time and not over the course of the year. God has blessed in providing for us. We have a great big farm house that is fully furnished. The guy who owns it, is such a blessing and couldn't be nicer.

Looking forward to the many things planned for this summer. Enjoying our time with family before our meetings and school begins.

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