Thursday, October 17, 2013

Try This

The weather here in Ghana is changing, it has rained for a little bit everyday. Once the sun comes out, the sun is HOT! The air outside it still nice, but the sun beating down is scorching. It is also paw paw (papaya) season. I was recently handed a trash bag full of paw paws. I took some down to our neighbor and still had plenty. My search began on what I could make with the paw paw. I found a recipe to paw paw bread. In the recipe if calls for 1 C paw paw puree. My kids at the time where making peanut butter and no jelly sandwiches? Mom, where is the jelly? I just got done with the puree, I looked at it and said, "Try this". They looked at me a little funny. I said, "Just try it". They said it wasn't bad, but needed a little bit of sugar. So I added some sugar and it worked. So they used that for their jelly for the week. I ended up pureeing most of the paw paw and freezing it for later use. The recipe I used for paw paw bread is here: Paw Paw Bread. Also I made a paw paw pie, not to my liking but not awful. Here is that recipe: Paw Paw Pie

Paw Paw (Papaya)
Paw paw (Papaya)

I found these articles to be interesting: My Visit To A Convent also In The Way - Marriage

The kids have finished the first nine weeks of school. Revival at the church is this Sunday-Wednesday. Please keep us in your prayers. Have a great week!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Kojokrom Bible Study

Welcome to another week here at "Jackie's Journal" Our blogs are featured on "The Independent Baptist Missionary Blog Spot" this week. You can check out this site by visiting: "A pair of Bloggers in Ghana, West Africa" ~ Garry Wesner

On Tuesdays my husband and our older children have been going to Kojokrom to have a Bible study. Please visit my husbands blog: Matthew Siekbert for that information. I joined him last Tuesday. He was wanting to go a few weeks before me and our youngest son joined him. We had 15 in attendance. Now there are 6 of us and we pick up Peter and Robert two teenagers from church to help us. We did have three new visitors. Here are some pictures of the Bible study in Kojokrom.

Passing some kids on the way

Doing Sword Drills

Emanuella and Nicolina

Matthew and Ebenezer

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Old Time Preaching

Benjamin (Prince's younger brother) gave us the message he prepared for us on Wednesday. He did a great job. He taught about "The Field Of Harvest" and the requirements to be in the field of harvest. Mt 9:38 KJV 
The first requirement is:
1. Salvation - you must be born again to work in the field of harvest.
2.Willing Spirit - you must have a willing Spirit. No one is going to force you, but you must be willing.
3. The Bible - farmers use a tool to harvest, we use the Bible to witness
If you love God, you will do what he wants - Go into the harvest.


Bro. Koasi our other great preacher. On Sunday  he preached about: "Are You Dressed For the Wedding?" Do you have on the wedding garment? Mt 22:1-14 KJV
1. The Availability of the garment - is to all who will receive it.
2. Acceptance of the garment - by faith, free, the garment was freely given, you don't have work or purchase it.
3. Ability of the garment - the garment will change your appearance, the righteousness of God
4. Absence of the garment - shame, speechless, no excuse, the man who didn't receive the garment was cast into outer darkness. The garment was freely given, but he didn't receive it. Mt 22:12-13


Want to hear some great preaching? Come to Ghana. I am blessed to be able to get to hear these men of God.

The boys on Saturday visitation

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