Monday, June 4, 2012

Two Preachers

May 20, 2012, Prince and Koasi were ordained into the ministry. They are two great preachers of God's word. They have had a great teacher/preacher. My husband has spent the last 8 years in teaching and training these two men. God gets all the credit, we are just a tool being used for His glory.

We had our home church, Chippewa Lake Baptist Church, in Medina OH, come for a visit. They were here for the ordination services. They got to work in VBS and they also held some medical clinics were they were able to share the gospel. We did a little sight seeing and had a great time of being together.

It was an encouragement to see the guys reading their Bibles in the morning. My boys look up to them. It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. Ps 118:8 We need to look toward the Lord, because men will fail you, BUT, it sure is nice when you have some Godly people to help you run the race and encourage you along the way.

It is raining season. We prayed for our well to be filled up while the group was here. We didn't have any problem with that. The rain didn't cause any trouble for the group. They were in a village called Kojo Krom, passing out John & Romans and was going to show a film once it got dark, but it decided to rain instead. So they headed back to the house.

We had 9 from the group plus our 6. It was a blessing having them here at the house for 12 days. Your church family is special. I just happen to have two of them.

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