Friday, March 17, 2017

If Your Not Muslim You Are Christian

I talked with a Muslim young man last week, and another young man considering becoming a Muslim. In Ghana if you are not Muslim you are a Christian. If I had to base my religion on what I see as the world’s view of Christianity, I’m not sure I would be convinced either. That is what I heard loud and clear talking with this young man, Peter, of only 17 years. He has a Muslim name, but he is not very far into his Muslim religion. So I asked him his Christian name. If I saw growing up what goes on in Ghana and they claim it as Christianity. Ha! Many confused and religious people. I didn’t blame him in the fact he is sincerely seeking his way to heaven and looking into a belief of something real and serious. What he sees as Christianity is confusion and many false teachers. He has not seen true Christianity, people giving their lives to serving and living for Christ. It’s a daily walk, not just a Sunday morning warm the pew, I’m a good person I went to church Christianity, but a separated from the world not belonging in or being one of the crowd, but standing for Christ. Although it may mean you stand alone. Why would I or Peter in this case, want to become a Christian? You are no different then the next guy. You are going to the same places I do, watching the same movies, wearing the same trends, drinking, smoking, having immoral behavior. WHY? It’s sad! My heart is broken. We have done a lousy job as “Christians.” I talked with Peter and told him about Jesus Christ. I also said, I’m sorry you have not seen true Christianity, but I am a Christian/a believer and I am not like that. I invited him to church and the seed was planted. I was also was listening this week to a missionary preaching and he said what an opportunity we have in the U.S. as Muslims come into our country. To plant the seed and befriend them. If we were in their country we would not be able to give them a gospel tract or witness to them. The Lord is bringing them to us, go out and tell someone about Christ.

Girls visiting Helen
Elizabeth (in brown) inviting some girls in the market to church

 Prince and Linda are expecting the first baby in July. We have known for some time. I have been wanting to shout it to the world, but it wasn’t my news to share to the world. In Ghana they don’t announce such things. They do tell their immediate family. Others find out in time because you are growing big. Here is a interesting article on this subject. 

My kids have just 26 more days left of school. Hooray!!! 
Naomi will finish her senior year. Super excited about that. Matthew will begin his senior year this next school year. It feels like such an accomplishment. 13 years of school done. We started Naomi in Kindergarten right before leaving for Ghana. We have had 1 video teacher come to Ghana, visiting another missionary. It was her kindergarten teacher and Matthew's as well. Thankful to be able to provide Christian education for my children all the way in Africa. God has been good!

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