Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Computer is WORKIG!!

So much has happened since I was able to write in my journal. Mack has made several trips to Accra this month. (DECEMBER) Our yearly renewal to stay in Ghana is all finished, we have the stamp and everything. PTL. Joseph broke his glasses so they both headed to Accra to get him a new pair. Then he headed back to buy some Christmas gifts. Then he had to return some Christmas gifts. JOY!

Our computer is up and running. On one of those trips to Accra he picked up an Internet security for the computer. I think we had a couple of virus.

Priscilla and Nellie came to the house before Christmas to help me bake some Christmas cookies and banana bread for the Church Christmas Party. I got them a little bracelet as a gift. Lamissy wanted to come but at the last minute her Uncle needed her at the house. Prince and Koasi came over and helped put together the Blessing baskets to hand out during our Christmas Caroling with the church. We had a great time Christmas Caroling. We have never done that before in Ghana. Not sure how it would work? I needed a scarf and gloves or something. We had candles so I guess that made it feel festive. We gave the baskets to four families with someone in that family who already comes to church, to encourage others from the family to attend church. We wanted to be a blessing and show the Love of Christ this Christmas season. Our last visit was to Lamissy's uncle. Lamissy is so excited for the Lord, but her uncle hinders her. He allows her to come Sunday morning but that is all, she would love to come for the other services and extra activities but is not allowed. When we showed up at her house, he was talking very rough, asking her if she knew we where coming. He came out of the house and greeted us, (he was not to happy) after we where done singing we presented our basket. He was surprised. He thanked us and Lamissy sent his thanks again on Sunday morning. We have seen her come even for the Christmas Eve service.

Mack bought some pizza cheese for Christmas. We are planning on having pizza for New Years Day! the kids are excited about that. It is a treat for us. We hope you all have a Happy New Year!!!!!!!

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