Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Proposal

On Valentine's Day, our national Pastor Prince, asked Linda to marry him. We are excited for what the Lord is doing in their lives. That also means a wedding!!! They will wait for us to return and then set a date. Please pray for them.

Prince sent these pictures to us

Prince & Linda at our house

A man who studies the word of God!!

On April 11th, Mack's niece, Hannah, is getting married. Sunday April 12th, begins our Missions Conference at our home church, Chippewa Lake Baptist Church. In May, we will be seriously thinking of heading back to Ghana, getting things packed and ready. But, first, Spring Break is coming in March!!! So excited. I can't wait for SUNSHINE!!! I am sure my next post will be about that!! We had a slow month, due to weather. Now it's full steam ahead!!!

The electricity in Ghana has gotten worse. They are now 2 full days with out electric, 1 day with electric. It is not good for businesses in Ghana.

Our son Matthew, has gotten his temporary drivers license!! Naomi has completed her in car driving, with the instructor. Matthew is next. Naomi needs a few more driving hours, before she gets her license. Until next time!!

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