Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Last Sunday I had the privilege to lead Evelyn to the Lord. Evelyn has been coming to church since we have been back from furlough. I believe she came while we were gone also. I started the teen girls Sunday School class and Evelyn never payed attention. I guess it was funny to hear a while lady talk? As each week progressed she started listening. The Holy Spirit led me to ask of the girls salvation experience. Evelyn didn't have one. I began to witness to her so she would understand. Cecelia sat there listening and smiling, because she knew what I was saying. Evelyn prayed the sinners prayer. I did not pray and her repeat after me, I asked her to call upon the Lord. I believe she did. I asked her to make it public during the church service. During the invitation she came forward. I was so happy to see her again this Sunday. The devil would love to stop the seed from growing. God encourages us and let's us know He is still there. He is still working in hearts and lives.

My kids have been busy in the neighborhood. Naomi is selling some of her unused toys to make a little money. I must say the kids love her. She sells them pretty cheap, but she makes a little from it. She has also made some acquaintances with people passing by. The boys play soccer in the afternoon with a couple neighborhood boys. They have invited them to church. I hope they will come, so my kids will be encouraged.

We are planning our Christmas Church party. I can't believe that. It is getting really hot here and Christmas is far from my mind.
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