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Jackie Siekbert
PO Box MC2325
Ghana W/A

Home Address:

5326 Chippewa Road
Medina OH 44256


  1. Jee I hope this works...its nice to see all the pictures ...we miss you guys Dad is ok he is in the barn I think working on something..of course I am inside cause its humid out ...Grandpa and I have been talking about moving down to Biloxi of course Bill is excited its gonna take a long time cause we have to sell so much stuff I don't want to take half of it with me...Furniture etc Dogs ok but all that other stuff...No

  2. I found you through the Baptist Missionary Women's blog. So cool to connect with people in the Lord's work. I always wanted to go to Africa, but so far, we're just one country away. :o) God bless you as you rear your family to serve God. I have really enjoyed your ministry pictures.

    1. Hello Lou Ann,

      I just gone done looking at your blog. I like it!! I will be following it. Yes, it is great to connect with people, wow, what did we do before all this technology?

  3. Hi! Jackie and fam,
    I have been enjoying your blog for a while. It encourages me!
    Love and miss you all!


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