Thursday, January 25, 2018

Sad News, Good News, Great News

Happy New Year 2018. Our son Joseph started off the new year with his 16th birthday on January 3rd. Being in Ghana, it's not as exciting as being in the States. No drivers license. In Ghana you can't get your license until your 18. We had to go to the capital for his birthday to renew the boys passports. While at the guest house Mack wanted me to make a cake. I said, I could of, if I brought the ingredients with me. So, it was much cheaper to find an already made cake and some ice cream. Another birthday this month is my husband, Mack's.

Two handsome guys!!

Prince and Linda are expecting a baby in the middle of April. The baby is growing big. So happy for them. The sad news: We won't be here for the birth of the baby. I am really bummed about that. Good news: We are headed home for furlough at the beginning of April. Our son Matthew graduates in May. We tried to plan our furlough a little later but Matthew has to take some tests and get ready for school. We ask for prayers for Linda and baby. Also, as we pack and finish school. We need to get a vehicle once we get home and as we will be busy with graduation/travel Great news: We get to see Naomi!!! I am super excited about that. I think she finally misses us?

Prince's Parents and Prince and Linda
School here in Ghana has resumed from Christmas break. We started back to the Deaf School this Sunday. Bible Classes at church has begun again. It's nice to have everything back on schedule.

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