Friday, April 29, 2011

Winter (I think) Is Over

We headed to NC to return a vehicle that we are renting and missed a tornado by minutes. Had we not stopped to get something to eat we wouldn't have missed the tornado. We arrived at our destination safely. We then headed to TN for our Spring break with the family. Mack's twin brother and older brother are also leaving for the mission field in June. It was our last get together before everyone departs.

Naomi turns 13 on May 4. Tonight she is having a slumber party. (pray for me) The boys have flown the coop. I can't say that I blame them. School is finishing up and I am beginning to pack. How did we accumulate so much in just a short time, knowing we will not be here long? The last time I was running to the plane to get back to my house in Ghana. This time I am not running, slowly walking, dreading it a bit. I guess I know the overwhelming feeling of returning. Everything is dirty, out of order, setting up house again. It takes time to settle back in and remember where you are. Getting used to the customs you've been away from. Learning the price of things again. I know once I see the people from our church again, all that will pass away.

Friday, April 8, 2011

"Lord, you do know I live in Africa?"

Well it is April 8th and it is still cold outside. We even had snow flurries last week. I am definitely ready for warmer weather. I am freezing. We are leaving for Ghana, June 14th. I am dreading the packing up and moving again. At least I can look at it at a positive note, we could be taking a boat and not arrive for months, and get sea sick.

Well I have been diagnosed with having Multiple Sclerosis. I have at this point decided to go with the natural remedies vs. the shots and medicines. I have talked with some people who have it and I feel natural herbs/vitamins etc. are the best right now. They say the heat is bad for those who have MS. I reminded the Lord, "Lord, you do know I live in Africa?" The Lord doesn't make mistakes and His grace is sufficient. I am not saying it will be easy, but I know my God knows and cares for me. As of right now, I am feeling good. My numbness has gone away. I have blurred vision at times, but doing much better.

Well we have every weekend in May booked with meetings. We were supposed to start getting ready for Ghana. I think my husbands works better at the last minute. Me I would have been done packing months ago. ha ha (not really) but I would have started. Actually we have 3 trunks packed full of things to go back. That is not our clothes or anything YET! We are in trouble.

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