Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cupcakes Without the Paper

I made cupcakes for Macks birthday back in January and took them to the church to share. Well I noticed everyone eating the paper, ok, chewing on the paper to get off all the cake that gets left on them. I made cupcakes yesterday for the ladies fellowship. Prince met us at the car because he knew we would have food. (laughing) Naomi hands him a cupcake with no paper on it, he says, "yes, these are better, no paper." He then began to tell me a story. Cupcakes where brought to the place where he works and one the men he works with asks him, are these good? Prince says, "If you don't want it, I will take care of it." I guess the other man never ate a cupcake. Once he took a bite he realizes how good they are. He continues to eat and then begins to eat the paper (chew it) trying to get off every bit of cake left on the paper. I started laughing. I never realized. I began to explain what the paper is for, he says yes, but it wastes so much. Then I came to the conclusion if they are going to eat the paper, it doesn't matter if we touch their cupcake while handing it to them. It is a good thing because I ran out of those muffin cups anyway!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yikes! It's Good To Be Busy!

Where to begin? Our room we meet in for church, needed a fresh coat of paint. It took  a few weeks, how? It's only one room. I am not quite sure, other than they don't know how to paint? We also painted the benches the kids use. Some kids got paint on their clothes, oops, I guess the paint wasn't all the way dry by Sunday. Easter is this Sunday, next Sunday is CBBC's 5 year anniversary. We are putting on a play called "Stay in the Castle" we did this one before, but it's time to pull it out of the archives. We are trying to get together some special music for the ordination services in May, it would help if any of us had any musical talent. Also the Sunday school kids will be doing some verses and songs. We are also having some folks from our home church coming for a visit. We asked our Pastor to come for the ordination in May. So trying to get the house in order, plus the church activities. Oh, boy!

Well Naomi is the only one who got "Pringles" for reading her books. The boys tried, they read 2 books, but didn't quite finish the last one. So we will see who makes it this next time. I told Mack I should get Pringles I read at least 3 books since then.

Mack and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary on March 30th. As I was doing my devotions, I usually write down the date and what the Lord showed me out of the chapter of each book I read. I started writing down the date 3/30/96...ha ha no, it's 2012. Mack took me to dinner by myself. We left the kids! That is so strange. We are NEVER without the kids. It was nice, but strange. Naomi will be 14 in May so I think we can start to leave them? It is just a new phase of life we are getting into. Their all growing up so fast.Sniff.

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