Friday, July 10, 2015

A Bit Overwhelmed

Nehemiah cracks me up. Naomi and I where in over our heads cleaning the kitchen. The rest of the house is a mess also. We hear Nehemiah singing "Hallelujah, Hallelujah". Me and Naomi looked at each other, how in the world in all this mess can he be singing. That boy is in his own world. He just picked up where he left off a year ago and is right back into the flow of things, with out batting an eye. Now that I think of it, he was out of his element when we were back in the States.

Our first night back was, well, lets just say we found a place to sleep and called it a night. Most of us slept in the living room, because our ceiling fans didn't work. We were just praising the Lord we had fans to sleep under because the electric was on!! Our second day, Mack fixed the fans and got the generator up and working. We were all able to sleep in our own beds. From there we made a lot of progress cleaning and unpacking. We are still adjusting to the electric being off and trying to figure out the schedule. (I am not sure we will ever figures it out).

I love our church family. It is so good to be back. Sunday morning Mr. Eshun sang a song for Prince and Linda, for their up coming wedding. (August 29th, there has been a change.) Well you just have to know Mr. Eshun. Sunday evening we were teasing Prince because he picked Linda's favorite song which is: "Jesus Is All The World To Me" we said, no, she is really singing, "Prince Is All The World To Me". What makes me so happy is to see our church love their Pastor, Prince and follow him. We already have a Bible study in Kojokrom and our focus will be more on that ministry as we phase out.

Nehemiah and Joseph had eye doctor appointments before we left. Nehemiah was legally blind in his left eye. He is now seeing 20/20. He will still have to wear the patch for the next 3 years. If he doesn't  his good eye will take over and he will be right back where we started from. I am glad we saw such improvement in such a sort time. He got his glasses in December, starting patching in January and in June he was seeing 20/20. God is good!

Joseph when he wore the patch


Naomi has her drivers license, she took the test about 2 weeks before we left. The same day our van sold and God answered all of our needs in one day. Besides packing we where ready to head back to Africa.

July is my favorite month in Ghana. I declare Christmas in July!! Come December we will be suffering. (That is just a side note.)

There is still plenty to do here, but we are getting settled. Thanks for stopping by.
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