Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving...

We had our first Thanksgiving in Ghana 11 years ago and cried as we gave thanks to our Lord. I was also thinking, "What have I done?" We have so much to be thankful for.

We have had some wonderful meetings with our supporting churches in the last couple of weeks.. It is so nice when the teens reach out to our teen kids. Over the years they have made friends with some of the kids from churches and it is so nice to see them reunite and get together. We helped one of our churches prepare packets with a tract and candy in them for their community trick-or-treat. The church is not far from our home, so they kept the kids for the afternoon. Our home church had their Revival service with Matt Downs. Our kids where excited to have him in our home for a meal he is from the Bill Rice Ranch. CBBC in Ghana also held Revival services the same week. We attend a conference on children ministry the next week. We have been in a church that supports us that our niece attends, so we got to see them and enjoyed our time meeting the new pastor. We are also preparing for the future and making some college trips while home on furlough this year. We visited Commonwealth Baptist College in KY. We have others on the list later this year or next. I am ready to head home and be back to normal. Oh, wait, what is that? Scratch that, that is not going to happen.

We did get to see family this trip and go to the Creation Museum. Mack is at his parents fixing our van. Last week he changed the back brakes, this week he has to change the bearings on the front. Not fun. He started earlier this week but he is having trouble with with one side and we have to leave tomorrow. No pressure. 

Have A Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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