Friday, April 22, 2016

CBBC 9th Anniversary

We had a good Easter Sunday here in Ghana. The week before Easter at the deaf school, went really well, because the headmaster was not there. It is hard to communicate with the deaf, not knowing their language and the headmaster knows enough to confuse everyone. When he lets our teacher teach, things go smoothly and we connect with the students. The devil doesn't want God's Word to have free reign. Naomi and Matthew's classes go better. They have the younger kids and have a student that helps them with signing. They even sign a little in their classes. Easter services went well at CBBC. Easter Monday is a big day here in Ghana. We had the church over our house for games, fun and food of course!

Naomi teaching the Resurrection Eggs
I love this picture. talking hands.
Easter 2016

                                                Selina is holding the air compressor hose, getting some air while she drinks water. 



Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church had their 9th Anniversary on April 17th, this year. Prince's wife, Linda, did a great job preparing chicken and rice for all of us. That is a job! We had our evening service around 3:00 we gave testimonies and sang songs. So thankful for a church that preaches the Bible here in Ghana. We have two of the best Pastors and now a Pastor's wife. God has done great things over the years.

Precious getting her second wind

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