Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Week 2013

On Monday, the church went Christmas Caroling to 5 different homes and gave them a "Blessing Basket." The church has been giving for the last two months for these baskets. It contained, rice, vegetable oil, soap, bread, miscellaneous items and a Bible. We had a great time together as a church and it really was a great start to our Christmas week.

One of the baskets went to our Kojokrom Bible Study Family
Steven's Family
Robert's Family
(the other two baskets went to Peter's Family and William's Family)

On Wednesday we had an evening church service. It was real nice. On Friday we loaded up the tro-tro (van) and headed to Ankobra Beach for our Christmas church gathering. We played Volleyball and soccer and had fun in the sand. 

Shadrick burying Joseph in the sand
Playing Volleyball
Celestina and Esther
Lunch Time!
We had a great time with our church family this week. There was 23 that came on Friday. We were packed in the tro-tro. On the way home we sang songs and passed banana bread around. Pray for the tro-tro driver he said he would come to church this Sunday. We have had this driver many times for our guest who come from the States and also any church outings. His name is Christian, but he is not a born again Christian.

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  1. Jackie,
    So good to see your Christmas! Life has been crazy as usual....maybe a bit more than usual this last part of the year! Glad that the family is well and the church and new Bible study are growing! I want to wish you a Merry Christmas {a little late!} and a wonderful New Year!


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