Saturday, June 29, 2013

Family Chores

 A missionaries life is not just having fun while a group is here. Actually it is a lot more work. The dishes still need washing and clothes still need hanging. We are getting things ready for VBS, in between all the other things that need to be done. We are still having fun, while we work!

Grandma & Prince doing dishes
Abi hanging clothes
The Ghanaians were so happy to see Ezra carried this way
Finished the evening with a bonfire in 80 degree weather, but if s'mores are involved, well, it's worth it!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Being Together As A Family

We are so excited to have Grandpa and Grandma and the others here with us. We have done a little sight seeing and have just enjoyed the family being together.

Ezra & Nehemiah

Grandma & Naomi peeling sweet potatoes

Matthew & Grandpa fixing the vacuum

Kakum National Park, The Canopy Walkway is 7 rope bridges hanging high above the forest. They look happy here, because they are at the end.

They survived the rope bridges!

Getting to touch a crocodile, yes, Grandpa did it too. Not everyone in this picture is with our group. However, the smart ones stayed on the other side of the gate...

We also went to the Slave Castle. On Wednesday, the group went to West Ridge a school where Mack, Prince and Koasi give devotions each week. Abigail taught the little kids at the school and did a little skit about baby Moses by putting Ezra in a basket, Naomi was Miriam. They went out for visitation afterwards and came home for lunch. We got ready for evening service and visitation before church, we had a good service. I believe one or two got saved on Wednesday. Maybe more, I didn't get a full report...ha ha. Come back to see what we are up to next. I will probably post again in a day or two. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Is That For Us?

In just 6 days, Mack's parents, one of his sisters, niece and her husband and their baby will be here in Ghana. We have been preparing for their arrival. It started in full gear last week. We had to head to Accra. The three older kids needed to renew their passports. Mack said we are going to Accra and coming back the same day. Ugh! We left the house at 4:00 AM. We had an appointment at the Embassy at 10:00 AM. It takes about 4 hours to get to the capital of Accra, from where we live. We made it on time with no delays. We got back to the house about 5:00 PM. It was a long day, spent mostly in the car. 

I have been baking banana bread, coffee cake, cookies, brownies and hamburger/hot dog buns. They are in the freezer waiting for the day appointed. My kids keep coming in the kitchen. It that for us. No, it for Grandma & Grandpa. They are dying to eat the goodies. We had to paint the guest room that the kids use for school. It was really gross. Well Mack also made the kids paint the living room and dinning room. I have managed so far to only paint a screen door. Last time, I painted all the bedrooms and every door in the house. It's looking real nice and clean. 

We have many things scheduled while they are here. VBS is scheduled for July 1-5. They have to fly out on the 4th, so those at church will finish up the last couple of days of VBS. Be sure to come back next week to see what we are up to. Until then.  

Monday, June 3, 2013

No Marshmallows?

How can you have S'mores without marshmallows? You can't! Mack wanted some S'mores the other day. So he headed to town on the hunt for marshmallows. We don't see them to often here in town. I said, "I can make some if you find unflavored gelatin." So he went on the hunt for that. He found some after looking several different places. He would ask "do you have any gelatin" They would point him to the jello. "No, that is not what I am looking for." My first attempt to make marshmallows didn't go so well. It is a rather easy process. However, I didn't have a candy thermometer so I boiled the sugar mixture for 12 min. like it said. Well that was to long. My second attempt turned out wonderful, we had marshmallows.The second time I boiled the mixture for about 7 min. We had plenty of marshmallows and some yummy S'mores. Here is the recipe:
Springy Marshmallows

My next attempt this week was popcorn. Popcorn? Let me explain. We usually pop popcorn in our air popper. We also have a Whirly Whip popcorn kettle, but the oil was making us sick. So we used only the air popper. We where going to have some popcorn and kool-aid and watch a movie, but the lights where out. I said how can we have popcorn without oil? So the search began. My kids said, "What did the Indians used to do?" So here it is: No Oil Popcorn 

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