Monday, August 21, 2017

VBS 4 1/2

This summer starting in May, Mack said we were going to do 4 Vacation Bible Schools (VBS). I was not very excited to hear this news. Our 1st one was in Kojokrom where we have service on Sunday evening and Wednesday prayer meeting.

The 2nd was in Nkontompo. My first introduction to this village was a movie outreach we held there. I did not like this place. I was told the week before our movie someone was killed there in the football field. I was a little uneasy to say the least. When Mack said, we are having VBS in Nkontompo, I was dreading it. Prince and Linda have been bringing two kids from this village from our first movie outreach about a year ago. Due to having VBS we have been able to start 2 Bible studies here on Tuesdays. One with Samuel a man Mack talked with and Samuel invited Mack and the men to have a Bible study with him. The next is Emma. Emma brought her niece to VBS during the week. She began helping a little with the kids toward the end of the week. Linda and I go to her house and have a Bile study. Mack met another man named, Freedom, on the Saturday after VBS. Freedom visited our church and the 2nd week received Christ as his Savior. Freedom is now taking the baptism classes and is planning on taking the evening Bible Classes at our church. As we walk to Emma’s house, all the kids we pass quote the verses we taught them during the week. This now has been my favorite village that we held VBS.

The 3rd was in Ekuasi, this is where the church property is, that we are working on. This is a small village, but many kids. I also gave out some of the sun dresses that where donated to us last year.

Our 4th was at our church CBBC, in Sekondi. For the previous villages it was the first time we ever held VBS, it was new and exciting for them and we learned together how to have order and get our classes in. At CBBC we have been doing VBS for many years and it was nice to see the kids fall in line and know what to do. We had a great turnout for each VBS, many kids are now coming for Sunday School. This was supposed to be our final VBS...

We had some visitors from the states and we decided to hold a 3 day mini VBS in the village we missed, Essimon. This is the village Prince and Linda live. All the kids know Prince now and where he stays. This has been a great outreach and testimony for our church. We also held some Dental Hygiene outreaches during this week in the mornings. We had a Bible tent set up to witness and tell people the Gospel, then they where sent the Dental Hygiene tent. We were able to give out toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss. We had a great visit with our guests.

Many of the workers that helped for all the VBS's would come quickly after their work day or even we would pick them up at school, they would get out of their last class. To show how much we love and appreciate them and their hard work we had a VBS worker’s lunch at our house. We had a fun time of fellowship and the game of “Pit”, got a little out of hand. We couldn't of done it without their faithfulness. We have had many adult visitors over this summer. It was a lot of work. I'm ready to do it again next year!!...I think.






VBS Workers Lunch

Dental Hygiene

VBS Essimon

Bible Study with Emma
Bible Study with Samuel 

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