Friday, September 5, 2014

Busy Just Got Busier

We have had a busy summer. It is about to get busier. We attended a Pastor's School in Toledo, OH, in August for 4 days. It was not a missions conference, so my thinking was off. It was for Pastors and their families and any laymen in the church, etc. My mind is geared to missions and you definitely need the local church and its pastors. We heard some good messages and also had good sessions throughout the day.

We started school on August 12th, so we can get in a few weeks before we start getting busy with reporting back to our churches. Matthew turned 15 on August 31st. He had a friend over and I think he had a good time. Naomi took her test to get her temporary drivers license, she is excited about that. She has not officially drove on the road yet.

This Sunday is our first meeting with 2 of our churches and it is non stop from here on out. Please pray for us as we travel, home school and keep our sanity. Going to the churches is the great part. It is the traveling in between and trying to do home school on the road that is hard.

Our kids have been involved with our youth group here at our home church, they are enjoying it. On visitation they always seem to come back with an ice cream? I think I am going out with the wrong people. They have a youth rally this Saturday, we have to pick them up a little early to head to our meeting for Sunday.

I have to tell you a funny story on how we met our neighbors. Yesterday I go out to the mailbox around 9:00 AM to put some envelopes inside and grab the garbage can. I get a little ways down the driveway and I see horses loose. Our neighbors across the street both of them have horses. I hurry and turn around and yell for Mack. "Our neighbors horses are loose." "Loose?" So now I am hurrying across the street. I BANG on their door, ring the doorbell consistently!!! Mack is on the opposite side of the road to make sure the horses don't run toward the road. Well after few minutes they finally emerge from the house, at this time the horses have wondered across the street far from Mack and across several neighbors yards. I am trying to follow them, but am at quite a distance. I just didn't want them to get lost. They finally came back across the road and started to head back near their house. The other neighbor came over to help and got them all back inside the pasture. So we met our neighbor "Bob" :)

I will try to post as often as I can...

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