Thursday, June 26, 2014


Here are some pictures of our last Sunday in Ghana:

Joe & Joe

Emmanuella wanted to get matching dresses for her and Naomi. She couldn't get one for herself, so Naomi surprised her and had a dress made for Emmanuella. We went to her moms shop and got her measurements and had it sown.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

America vs Ghana

By Saturday afternoon we got a little serious about packing our suitcases. You know all those last minute items you really can't pack. We had a baptism after church on Sunday and Naomi and Matthew put a little slide show together of the last couple of years for the church.

Prince went with us to the airport and got us on our way. America vs Ghana, played in the World Cup on Monday evening. We watched America score the first goal at the airport and the very few Americans cheered. The Ghanaians were bummed, then we loaded the plane. The kids where wearing their Ghana shirts. Prince told us on the way to the airport that America has been practicing for 6 months for this game. Their goal was to beat Ghana. America lost the last two games against Ghana in previous games of The World Cup. Matthew has emailed Kendall rubbing it in that America has won!!! Either way we where winners, we were for Ghana and of course for America.

I am proud of my family. Traveling overseas can be very stressful. Going through the Accra Airport, can be frustrating in itself, but we just laughed with everyone and talked to them about the World Cup and we probably where the only ones smiling in that place. One instance was going through customs the man was taking our passports and checking all of us, one security guard told us to "step back," because we where blocking the way. A few minutes later another man comes by and says, "oh, move forward so he can do your paper work." A few more minutes the first guy comes back and says "move back." Finally Mack said, "no, they are staying right here." We have been in Ghana to long, we just go with the flow. They all want to be Chief, not Indians. Our flights went really well and we made it back to Ohio. My mom and sister where waiting for us, then a few minutes later in pops Mack's mom and niece and sister. We weren't expecting them. Mack's brother/Pastor brought the church van and got us loaded up. I want to thank all those who prayed for us. I know our home church especially did. Thank You!

We are still in limbo. We are foreigners in our own country. We haven't used our bank cards in so long they have to send us new cards, so how do we get money? What did we do in the olden days? The kids leave for camp with our church on Saturday and we have no vehicle. We do have a nice bed to sleep in and WARM water. Everything is so cold here. I wash my hands with cold water, everything I touch is so cold. In Ghana the water is lukewarm the fruit from the tree is warm not COLD. We are wearing jackets and everyone just looks at us. It is nice outside but everywhere you go they have the air-conditioning on. We miss Ghana. It is funny to hear our kids say things, they always say. I keep saying, "We are not in Ghana anymore." On the way home from the airport. Joseph says, "Obruni" (White Man) to a passing car. My kids have been emailing those in Ghana. They are a part of our lives and it is hard to be away.

I hope to have some pictures for you next week. Here is a link to the World Cup: World Cup 2014 Ghana vs America

Monday, June 2, 2014

They Did Dry...Eventually

We had a great week of VBS at Cornerstone. It rained a couple of days but kids still came. Naomi was feeling poorly earlier in the week, she had all the symptoms of malaria so we started the medication and I stayed home with her on Thursday, by Friday afternoon she wanted to get back to VBS. I am so glad she was feeling better. On Saturday we had a day of rest from VBS at our house. Although it was not much of a rest. I am thankful for all the girls who helped cook and clean up.

Our vehicle has been at the mechanics since Wednesday. Taking taxi is fine, but expensive to go and come for the week. Also the "back breakers" are going to do me in. (The Potholes) more like moon craters. The roads are terrible. It seemed the taxi's took the worst roads. My back is paying the price. The electric seems to be better this week, I shouldn't speak to soon. It makes it hard to get things done when the electric is out. I washed all the kids clothes by hand last week because it was piling up and I knew we would be busy with VBS and of course it rained. I couldn't dry them. ugh! Clothes were drying everywhere in my house. You try to get ahead, some days it just doesn't work out. I am still glad I did it, they did dry...eventually.

For a 7 year old, Nehemiah has been beating everyone at Monopoly. He is a smart one. As soon as he gets property he puts hotels up right away and wipes us out. Naomi has won once and I am usually the first to go out. I don't mind, while they are busy I can get something done. It's my strategy, shh. Mack says it's because I'm a loser, well that too, but not a sore loser.

We will be leaving for furlough in two weeks. Please send any mail to our home church address and our email will be the same:

Chippewa Lake Baptist Church
5326 Chippewa Road
Medina OH 44256

We look forward to seeing many of you!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Chaos and Massive Disorder

I am getting behind on my blog. I try to get out a post each week, but that has not been happening. We are on furlough mode. I have been cleaning and packing. We finished school the first week of May. I started with the school room and emptied the room and packed the school books away. Hurray!!! Then we tackled the boys room, ugh, just plain dirt. It blows through the windows then the fan blows it to the  outsides and corners of the room. I am sure you are not interested in all the dirt…ha ha!! We have our hall loaded with trunks. Trunks we are taking back and trunks that are staying, filled with books, towels, sheets and some kitchen items. I have on several occasions needed something that was already packed, to sort through the trunks to find the item. My kids wish they where still in school with all this cleaning. Trying to finish and use up any food items, but yet still needing some groceries to make it through the month. As Pastor Prince says, "Chaos and Massive Disorder" exactly!!

Our daughter Naomi turned 16 on May 4th. She had 6 girls over for the afternoon and to spend the night. They went to church with us on Sunday. Some of these girls we have known since they where little. We have some new girls who we hope they continue growing in the Lord.

We are getting ready for VBS the last week of May. Our theme this year is "The Armour of God". Naomi drew some armor and I helped her paint it. Then we attached Velcro to the pieces so someone could wear it. Then she drew a poster with the names Velcroed to the poster to be removed and the kids have to put the right name on each piece of armour. It should be a fun week!!

One of the girls over for Naomi's birthday was Esther. We call her Little Esther, because we have two Esthe's in our church. We found out that on Naomi's birthday on of her sisters (Sarah) had a baby. Wewhere excited for her. So the next Saturday Mack and I went to visit Esther and her family to see the new little baby. We where greeted by one of her twin brothers, Elvis. The whole family was gathered around, there are 8 children, most are grown and have families of their own, with Esther being the youngest. Elvis begins to tell us that Thursday their oldest sister died. We where shocked! I just got some sewing done from one of Esther's sisters (Gifty) and the one that passed was (Sapphira), she was there at the shop. We greeted the family and gave our condolences, we then got to see the new baby and pray with the new mom. It was a sad but yet rejoicing time for the family. The funeral will be in July, which we will not be here. Esther's brother Elvis is married to another girls sister in our church. Both families live on the same street as our church. Pray that they see Christ though it all and through the 3 family members that come to our church.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Where Has Time Gone?

Please check out our friend and fellow missionaries blog. Please pray for them this week.
...Let It Go...and Let God also her previous post For-days-when-you-need-miracle

Where has the time gone? The kids have 3 days left of school. We have been occupied with getting finished. We have been busy with Church Anniversary, Easter, Easter Monday, John & Romans distribution and we showed a film in Kojokrom for an outreach. Sorry, it was to dark to get any good pictures. Bible classes at the church will be finishing up, only 2 more classes. Students here in Ghana are on break from school, so a break from West Ridge devotions on Wednesday.

My husband has re-painted our refrigerator. It was one of those times when he says, "Spray paint"
and I say, "Spray paint?" Not getting the vision of it looking good. In my mind I don't see the finished product, I just see "Spray paint?" I should know better, my husband always does a great job.

Lightly Sanding

I was at the house of a church member and there was a boy there selling cabbage, carrots, cucumber and green pepper. I was going to buy some cabbage. When I went to retrieve my money, I realized I had left it at home. So instead I invited the boy to church. I was quickly told he was Muslim. I said, "That is okay you are still welcome to come." I gave him a John & Romans and told him Jesus is the only way to heaven. I see Bashuru almost every Saturday and before church on Wednesday, selling his vegetables. He often greets me while passing. Once in awhile he will stop. Then I realized he only stops when we are out of sight from other Muslims who might see him talking to the white Christian lady. I came up with a strategy. Every time I see him, I will buy cabbage. Then I get a chance to talk with him, even for a few minutes and be his friend.. Bashuru is still young but in just a couple of years he will be hardened to the gospel. 


Grandma N. sent candy!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Life

Who turned up the heat? It's rather the humidity, the humidity is at 89%. I sweat just washing the dishes. AAAHH, but it looks like rain. 

Tuesday was our distribution of John and Romans in Kojokrom. On Saturday we went to visit Evelyn who had a baby girl on Tuesday of last week. 

April is a busy month with our churches Anniversary on the 13th and Easter. Easter Monday is a big day hear in Ghana. We have an activities planned for those days. 

Update: On the four teenage boys (Theophilus, Theotilmus, Michael and Jeff (Jefferson). Last night, prince taught on Romans chapter 10. Jefferson (Michaels' brother) accepted Christ after the service. Continue praying for these boys. I have to admit, I didn't think the boys would come back, or they would be hit and miss, but for some reason they seem to like us? 

Pray also for Pastor Koasi and his family,  his Grandma died in March and they are having the funeral this weekend. 

One area of Kojokrom


The two guys in yellow are students at West Ridge (Kojokrom)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Cultivating The Seed

Lights have been out quite a bit. It seems to be on a schedule. One day lights are out all day for 8 to 9 hours. The following day we have lights during the day but then in the evening going off for about 4 hours. We have used our generator these last few weeks, more than we have this whole term. Being off for so long, we run the generator to get school done, and keep our refrigerator/freezer running. 

Our Mission Conference at Cornerstone was last week. It went well. I won't give any spoilers, I am sure my husband will post the events in his newsletter.

Finding refuge on the cool tile of our porch. Ringo (dog) as our faithful companion.

Missions Conference at CBBC 2014

On the porch at church because ...LIGHTS OUT!

Twins: Tiltamus & Theophilus and brothers Jeff and Michael

Matthew has befriended Tiltamus (sp?) while playing football (soccer) on Saturdays, for the last couple of weeks. Usually after our visiting me, Naomi and mostly Nehemiah wanting to  head to the round about to watch the boys play. Nehemiah hoping to join in the game.Tiltamus came over and started talking to us. He said, he would come to church, last week, so I asked him why he didn't come? He said, "It wasn't me." I thought to myself, what? Then the kids around me began telling me, this is his twin brother, Theophilus. It was rather funny. Then we met their friends Jeff and Michael. They where talking to us for quite awhile. I began to witness to them. Matthew has been working on Tiltamus the last couple of weeks. I got a response from Michael that made me single him out. He said, "He was working on it." (salvation) About that time Pastor Prince met us at the round about. I said, maybe you would like to talk to Prince. Michael said, "I know him." I figured he knew him from just being around. So I continued talking to the boys and Prince called Michael to talk to him. About that time we headed for the church with 15 kids all around us, to give Prince a chance to talk with Michael. Prince was able to lead Michael to the Lord. Michael knew Prince, because Michael goes to West Ridge School, were Pastor Prince, Pastor Koasi and my husband, have devotions at the school every Wednesday morning. The seed was planted and each week being cultivated at the school and a soul was saved. They said they go to the SDA church. Pray for these teen boys, the devil wants them. It's a spiritual battlefield. 

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