Saturday, March 1, 2014


It has been a quiet time around here. Just keeping up with school and ministry. I think I can spill the beans. We will be taking a furlough this June. It is not far away. Looking forward to it. As Dorthy from The Wizard of Oz says, "There's no place like home." OHIO.

On Monday our electricity was off for 8 hours then came back on for 3 hours, then went off another 3 hours. I got out of ironing for the day, hee hee. We went outside on our porch and played Phase 10, ate peanuts and crackers and had kool-aid, by candlelight, so romantic. It has rained off and on this week. The boys washed the car in the rain, and let the rain water rinse it clean. Of course I had clothes on the line and got soaked trying to get them down. Then it poured real hard, we got inside just in time.

Here are some picture of visitation last Saturday:


Reading John & Romans

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