Monday, March 24, 2014

Cultivating The Seed

Lights have been out quite a bit. It seems to be on a schedule. One day lights are out all day for 8 to 9 hours. The following day we have lights during the day but then in the evening going off for about 4 hours. We have used our generator these last few weeks, more than we have this whole term. Being off for so long, we run the generator to get school done, and keep our refrigerator/freezer running. 

Our Mission Conference at Cornerstone was last week. It went well. I won't give any spoilers, I am sure my husband will post the events in his newsletter.

Finding refuge on the cool tile of our porch. Ringo (dog) as our faithful companion.

Missions Conference at CBBC 2014

On the porch at church because ...LIGHTS OUT!

Twins: Tiltamus & Theophilus and brothers Jeff and Michael

Matthew has befriended Tiltamus (sp?) while playing football (soccer) on Saturdays, for the last couple of weeks. Usually after our visiting me, Naomi and mostly Nehemiah wanting to  head to the round about to watch the boys play. Nehemiah hoping to join in the game.Tiltamus came over and started talking to us. He said, he would come to church, last week, so I asked him why he didn't come? He said, "It wasn't me." I thought to myself, what? Then the kids around me began telling me, this is his twin brother, Theophilus. It was rather funny. Then we met their friends Jeff and Michael. They where talking to us for quite awhile. I began to witness to them. Matthew has been working on Tiltamus the last couple of weeks. I got a response from Michael that made me single him out. He said, "He was working on it." (salvation) About that time Pastor Prince met us at the round about. I said, maybe you would like to talk to Prince. Michael said, "I know him." I figured he knew him from just being around. So I continued talking to the boys and Prince called Michael to talk to him. About that time we headed for the church with 15 kids all around us, to give Prince a chance to talk with Michael. Prince was able to lead Michael to the Lord. Michael knew Prince, because Michael goes to West Ridge School, were Pastor Prince, Pastor Koasi and my husband, have devotions at the school every Wednesday morning. The seed was planted and each week being cultivated at the school and a soul was saved. They said they go to the SDA church. Pray for these teen boys, the devil wants them. It's a spiritual battlefield. 

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