Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I Actually Grabbed My Jacket

We had a good rain last week, which brought some cooler weather. I actually grabbed my jacket. We have two banana trees with bunches of banana's on them, that I didn't want to blow over, so we helped prop them up with bamboo poles. I have been patiently waiting for the fruit. The wind carried a piece of our neighbors roof into our yard. It has rained quite a bit lately.

Our electric has been off and on for the past two weeks. So we have been using our other dinning room for our meals (our front porch). It is to hot to stay inside. In the evenings we usually grab our
re-chargeable lights, sit on the porch and do our devotions. Then we play, Phase-10, Uno, or some other game until the lights come back on.

Our kids are finishing taking their exams this week. 40 days left of school!!!

The boys got done with the yard work and then it rained.

Lights were out and it was raining.

Femur sitting away from the table trying not to get in trouble. She didn't want to get shooed from the porch and end up getting wet.

Ringo helping Nehemiah with his school work. He would nudge his arm to get him to pet him.

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