Friday, January 31, 2014

Ghanaian Ceremony

Many people in Ghana have traditions that differ from one tribe or region to another. Evelyn is 6 months pregnant. Her mother had a ceremony to bless her and her unborn child. When Naomi and I arrived Evelyn was surrounded by the elders in her family, she had a vine of leaves around her neck and beads around her wrists and calves. They where just beginning to wash her face and hands with these leaves. This is to ensure the washing away of  any evil. There was also money in the water which she is to keep and never spend, so she will always have money. Then she is presented with some gifts from the elders. A new dress, slippers and miscellaneous toiletry items. At this point she is to go and bathe.

I took this time to get some pictures of the many ladies pounding fufu and preparing the soups. I was offered some Oto, boiled yam and egg, for breakfast. Once Evelyn was done bathing she was dressed in her new dress. They then helped her on a mat where they placed a boy and then a girl baby on her lap. After that she was fed some Oto, and the elders all took some as well. Someone came and painted her toenails and put on lipstick. She was now ready to be seated under the tent for all to see her. 

We were served fufu with groundnut soup (yum). Afterwards I went to talk to Evelyn and prayed with her. I was a little hesitant on going to Evelyn's ceremony, because she is with child and unwed. I didn't want them to think I was condoning it. Everyone knew we where from the "Baptist Church". Pastor Prince and his family live just across the way. Evelyn herself has come to our church. As I talked with Evelyn, I encouraged her to get back to church, and teach her child the ways of God. It was a good morning and I am glad I went. 

Washing with leaves
Receiving the gifts

Pounding Fufu

Groundnut Soup

Evelyn (middle) in her new dress

Placing her on the mat

Painting her toenails

Putting on lipstick


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  1. a lot different from our "American" baby showers -- I'm glad you went too - she needs to be loved to Christ


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