Monday, January 6, 2014

Back To A Routine

We had a break of about 3 weeks off of school. I was not planning to be off that long, it just seemed to work out that way. The week before we where going to have our break from school, the older kids took their exams during the week instead of taking all of them in one or two days. Our schedule is so busy during the week sometimes it is hard for the kids to find the time to study. So we took the week to catch up on anything that needed to be done and take all exams. We finished earlier than expected and we where ready to be off from school.

Having a routine is nice.We started school today and getting back into our routine. This Tuesday we go back to our Kojokrom Bible study. I know with Christmas and New Years Eve, we missed two weeks. Next Monday the Bible School begins again. This Saturday we have visitation/soul-winning and Mack has the Men who are taking the Discipleship/Prep Class, come to the house before visitation, oh, he also has Bible Study at William's house in the morning. On Saturdays (somewhere in between everything else) Linda has been coming for Flute lessons. I think she has mastered blowing into the Flute, now we can work on the fingering of the notes? I will tell you more about Linda at a later date.


Joseph turned 12 on January 3rd. We took the kids swimming and got some Pizza. It was our last event before we started school. We were all glad it was Joseph's birthday. We are thankful for the Lord working in Joseph's life and his tenderness towards the things of God.

Joseph 12th Birthday


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