Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Not A Bad Day Just Eventful

My morning started out calm and quiet. Everyone up doing their devotions. I was about to start mine, when, I hear the dogs fighting. This wasn't just their usual spat. My first thought was why are they fighting with Taffy our littlest dog. It sounded like they were going for the kill. I run down the hallway, make my way outside. Mack and the kids are already outside. I run past the boys. Why are they fighting Taffy? There not, a dog got into our gate, still running past them. All three of our dogs have this strange dog cornered behind our kiaz. Mack is trying to get Ringo off this dog. He finally succeeds. The strange dog takes off, the other two dogs are now chasing this strange dog around the house. We are trying to stop them. Matthew goes for Femur, Naomi tries for Taffy. Around and around they go. I try and stop Femur, no luck. Finally Matthew slows her down enough to where I tackle her. Okay, Mack says I didn't tackle her, I grabbed her and fell and I just held onto her. I like tackled better...ha ha sounds like I did something. Falling, huh! Finally we get this strange dog out of our gate.

Now how did this dog get into our compound. The boys first said, it climbed on the wall? My first thought, how did that dog get on top of our wall. Our front wall is not very tall, but still. They said no, he came through the wall? okay like Jesus entering the room? Joh 20:19  No, the dogs pulled him in. Pulled him in?    We have spindles that run across the front of our wall. The strange dog was looking into our compound and sniffing around. Ringo grabbed one paw, Femur grabbed the other paw and started pulling, then Ringo got it's head and they pulled him in. I am just glad Mack was here and was able to get Ringo off of the dog. If not, well bye bye little dogie. The strange dog bit Mack on the leg and Naomi on the arm. They are not deep or even punctured. Mack's looks more like the teeth scraped him and Naomi's is more bruised. We made our way inside, I got cleaned up from my "tackle" and cleaned up the dog bites, then started the day. It when by smoothly after that.

We get ready for our revival had a great service, with many visitors. On our way home, we drop off Prince and his family. We always pull over on the wrong side of the road to let them out. In Ghana you can  park or pull over on the wrong side of the road, even drive backwards. Well I won't get into all of that. Well this man was upset because we pulled in front of him to drop them off. He gets out of his car. I am a police man, I will arrest you. Okay. He was talking to Prince and arguing. So we pulled away. Getting closer to our house, Mack rounded the corner and said, uh oh, the clutch just went out. We make it home in 2nd gear. We stop to drop off Kendall, which is just a street over, not far at all. Well then Mack can't get the cart into gear. He says call Kendall back out here. All the boys pushed the car back to our house. Me and Naomi walked to the house to get the dogs and the gate open so they can just continue pushing without stopping and waiting for the gate to open.

They pulled the dog in through the bigger square opening. 

It was not a bad day, just and eventful day.The mechanic came to the house Tuesday and fixed the clutch and we had great services on Tuesday night as well.

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