Saturday, October 6, 2012

Warming Up

It is warming up here in Ghana. The rainy season is coming to an end and the hotter weather is on its way. It is very humid. It has been raining for a real short time everyday. We have 3 teenagers at church, ages 13 to 14, who are entering Junior Secondary School or JSS. They can be placed in a boarding school any where in the Western Region. When placed in boarding school, you can not leave to attend church. Many times they have service there at the school. We began to pray for these 3 students. One wanted to be in boarding, because it was a good school to attend. Praise the Lord, all 3 got day school. So they will commute but be at home. We also have a new young lady coming and she also got placed as day student. The devil wants so bad to get them out of church. Many of these teens parents don't come to church, so they don't see how vitally important it is.

We finished up the"Ladies Of the Bible" in Sunday school. We have begun some lessons on the book of John. We will have our October Revival the 21-24th. Everyone is inviting. We will give the guest who visits a little gift and then those who invited will be working for a big prize???????

We get flour, powdered milk, sugar and rice in bulk, 50 kg. Today I bagged the flour and sugar to put into our freezer. The sugar doesn't need to be in the freezer but I don't have a container to put the big bag into, to keep the ants away. The flour will get worms if left out. The powdered milk we put in one of our trunks we brought over as luggage. The rice we leave on the back porch, that is for the dogs. We grind a combination of red and white millet, peanuts, dried fish and corn, we then mix that powder into the cooked rice for the dogs. YUM! It stinks so bad, because of the fish. Needless to say I leave the ground meal outside. It also gets bugs in it. (Gross) I would download some pictures, but, our Internet is to slow for pictures today.

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