Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas, A Nap, Pizza

I hope you all had a good Christmas! We enjoyed our time with our church family. We had a Christmas party at the house on Thursday the 22nd. Prince and Priscilla cooked up some good fried chicken and we had cabbage stew and rice. It was the best I have ever had. Everyone played volleyball and the younger kids played with the bikes. I think they liked the swings the best though. It was so funny listening to them scream as they swung. You know how you get that little tickle in your stomach when going to high. Well the funny part was they were hardly swinging at all. For Sunday we passed out goodie bags to the jr. church kids. They were filled with popcorn, juice box, cookies, and some candy. I got my ss class a little bag with a pen and paper in it, for their bible. Naomi and the some of the girls sang for the morning service. I taught jr. church. It wore me out. I haven't taught in a while, but I wanted to do a Christmas story. They can have it back next week. ha ha

We came home and had lunch. We went to turn on the air conditioner in the living room, but it wasn't working. So we all decided after lunch to hibernate in our room with the air and watch movies and pig out on cookies and junk. Good plan! However, I fell asleep. It was an unusual way to spend Christmas that is for sure. Once I revived, everyone wanted me to make pizza, so off I went. It was good day, all and all.

This week we have been lazy! We have enjoyed our time off of school and just being together. Mack was busy on Monday, so on Tuesday we cooked out and played outside all day. Prince preached last night. We have the best Preachers in the world.

We are going to have a Sat. evening service and pray in the new year. Then we will have Sunday morning service as regular and no evening service, because we will have already had our evening service on Sat. A little mixed up this week.

Have a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

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