Friday, May 20, 2011

Trip to Iowa

Many people have asked how the trip to Iowa was. In Iowa is a Doctor who does herbs/vitamins and healthy eating. I went to see him, because I don't want to do any shots and medication for my multiple sclerosis. He also has MS himself and works with missionaries. Well the good news is, MS is the last of my worries right now. He was more worried about my liver, colon, cholesterol, digestive system and living in Ghana for 7 years I have some parasites. I have to go on a raw food diet. Which is very hard. Please pray for me. In Ghana it will be easier, because #1 it is to hot to eat, #2 we have access to many fresh fruits and veggies (organic). It will still be hard though, I still have to cook for my family. It would be a lot easier if all I had to do was worry about myself, but that is not the case.

The kids stayed home for this trip. My husbands niece came and watched them and took them to school everyday. A big thank you to her.

My mom said to be thankful for the MS because God used the MS to help with the other health needs that I would not have dealt with or found out. In everything give thanks!! It amazes me that the doctors are so quick to diagnose and give drugs, but never get to the real problem. They never checked my sugar, my blood pressure has been on the high side. My liver and colon need help. Never once did they check or look at any of those things. I am not a health fanatic, (not yet) but the more I learn what God has made vs. man made drugs and all the chemicals I just don't understand. Yet I am thankful for the advances on medicine and the life saving techniques available to us today. Then I ask myself what did they did back in the olden days? Died? ha ha I can tell you they didn't have all the processed foods or commercialized items we have today.

It is good to be back home, but I have a lot to do. Getting ready to leave the country is no easy task.

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