Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Question?

This question was asked me recently. They also asked the kids. Where would you rather live? Ghana or Ohio? My kids all said, "Ghana". I said, "Where home is," right now home is in Africa. Our life is there, our belonging are there, our church and our friends are there. Until God moves us our home is Africa, of course there is no place like "Home". We love America and Ohio were we are from. It is great to be here,we still have the greatest country in the world. Nothing can compare to America. We love to see our family, but we don't fit it. I believe God does that so we will go back. (not that we fit in there either, we kind of stand out) God has a place for us to serve Him, and right now that is in Africa. I have always said, we have all eternity to see one another. We hope to bring along a few Ghanaians.

We will be sending in our paperwork for our visas. We are packing and packing and packing. We have been very busy with churches and school activities. I don't think I will be able to take a deep breath and rest until....? The kids finish school on June 3rd and we leave June 14. We will be headed back to our home church for the last two weeks, so we can empty out the house we are staying in. I am so thankful to have this house. It has been so nice.

Well it is official, I have a teenager. Naomi turned 13 on May 4th. She had a great weekend with a slumber party on Friday and family over for cake and ice cream. She also got her hair cut. She has been spoiled to say the least. Naomi hasn't had a birthday in America since she was 5. So this was very special to her, especially the BIG 13.

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